10 Ways: Caring for your Woman during her periods

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As a boyfriend or husband, you may be well-versed with your woman’s mood swings and blood spots when she is having her periods. She may scream, shout, rant and drive everybody around them mad. However, do not pull your hair out as yet; it is only her hormones that are raging. Do not take it personally and keep your calm.

Women Period

Menstruation occurs in females when the eggs released by the uterus go unfertilized and they are left to shed the excess blood.

Menstrual cycle and pregnancy

You sure may need help on caring for your woman ‘on those days’; the following guidelines may prove to be helpful. Try them!

  • Always Bear in Mind This Fact

When a woman is menstruating, her body is undergoing several changes and her mood is affected as well. Keep in mind that her hormones are at play and she is not at fault. At your end, you can ensure that she is adequately rested, properly fed and well cared for. She will love you for it and go out of her way to do things for you when she is better. Your caring attitude will also help to strengthen the relationship bonds.

periods pain after marriage

  • Avoid Surprises

During menstruation, you must keep in mind that the situation can worsen at any point in time. Therefore, it is better to exercise caution in such uncertain circumstances. You never know what her reaction will be. Better to keep the surprises for a later date. She could be overcome by depression, anxiety or agitation. Remain balanced and do not allow the situation to become uncontrollable even if you notice she is becoming hysterical.

  • Balanced Diet

Females lose blood during their menstrual cycles and their bodies require nutriment. Remember if she does not eat well, she will get irritated and you are going to have to bear the brunt of it. Now would you want that? Definitely not! Let her enjoy her favorite foods to keep her mood upbeat.

  • Painkillers

Most women are familiar with menstrual-linked pain. Some suffer from abdominal cramps and take painkillers to feel better. Mostly, they keep their stock of painkillers ready. Nonetheless, it would help to give them to her, if she asks you. You also may have to go to buy them from the medical shops – buy painkillers such as Advil, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, and Naproxen.


  • Running Errands

You can also try to help out with some basic household duties such as cooking, laundry, and dishes. Exempt her from these tasks during her chums. Make sure she relaxes, and you take over her schedule for the days.

  • Be Attentive to her Needs

If you perceive your women is getting irrational, stay calm and avoid getting into an argument. Instead, indulge her and listen to her woes. She surely needs somebody to talk to and express her feelings – be that person.

Pregnancy mood

  • Do not compel her to socialize

It may be the norm for you’ll as a couple to socialize and invite friends over. Nevertheless, during her periods, make sure that you do not organize any booze parties at home. Spend that time together and make her feel comforted.

  • Don’t talk about PMS and other menstrual issues

Never discuss menstrual-related stuff when she has her periods. It will only add to her discomfort and she may get more irritable. Only try and be by her side as much as you can. Bear in mind that she knows more than you about her condition and she would rather keep her mind off the distress.

  • Be ready with the hot water bottle

Placing a hot water bottle on the stomach is soothing for women during her periods. Get the hot water bottle ready, whenever she needs it. Also, help her with the bottle and tuck her into bed for easing the menstrual pain.

how to delay period naturally

  • Keep her Hydrated

Ensure that she drinks sufficient water for reducing her discomfort. There are various advantages of sipping water and she is sure to feel much better if she keeps herself hydrated.

Best Times To Drink Water

  • Do not bring up unpleasant topics

If you both have been arguing about certain matters, this is not the time to discuss them. Just treat her with all the lovey-dovey stuff. Keep your calm and do not get aggressive. You are the caregiver and make sure you give her the good stuff. Sort out the pending issues after few days.

  • Bring her gifts

Every woman loves flowers and chocolates. Shower your lady with these gifts for bringing a smile to her face and helping her forget the pain for the time being. These presents are sure to lighten up her mood.

  • Give her some loving

Girls love to be pampered; also, she wants her man to give her some loving. Do not deprive her of the same. Make certain to kiss, hug and cuddle her – it will go a long way in keeping your relationship stronger than ever.

couple in bed cuddling

Hope these tips help!

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