6 Useful Sex Positions for Couples of Major Height Differences

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For a man, being tall is a great advantage similar to women being blonde. Men having height will get extra points compared to men of shorter height. Height is an easily identifiable marker of potential status. It’s always an initial attention grabber.

Does height play a role in dating or sexual intercourse? Do women of height find the problem while doing sex with shorter guys?

When a woman having height enters into penis-in-vagina sex with a man with shorter height, it can be difficult at times in maneuvering the intercourse. It can be frustrating to have a partner bumping up against your chin when you’re entering into eye-to-eye contact and forward facing positions. Even, it can be a problem when you’re riding on top; you might have to put your neck down to reach your partner’s face. [Read: GENERAL PROBLEMS WITH the FIRST EXPERIENCE OF SEX]

These problems can be solved by taking few steps such as avoiding face contact and putting your genitals on the same plane. So if you have a short-height companion, below are six solutions to make sex a little less awkward:

  1. Doggie Style

Doggie style sex is a classic position that works for all couples of different heights. No need for you to worry about your faces not being lined up if you’re into the old missionary position. It also frees up your hands to play with your nipples and clit, which has an added advantage. [Read: THESE ARE THE REASONS MORE COUPLES ARE INDULGING IN MORNING SEX]

Process: You just have to kneel on the floor and have her entered from behind whether you’re in standing or kneeling, whatever suits you.

Doggie Style

  1. Upstanding Citizen 

Don’t worry about falling! Straddle her up and allow wrapping her legs around your body. You have to spread your thighs slightly and don’t lock your knees. Then you position her in front of you for standing sex that puts your pelvises on the same level. [Read: SPOTTED – THE SIGNS SHE IS ASKING FOR SEX]

Upstanding Citizen

  1. Downward Dog 

The downward dog is a classic variation of doggie style sex. In this posture, the woman lies the face down on the bed, knees slightly bent and her hips will be raised by placing a pillow under her abs. Then her male partner will have to enter her from behind that allows deeper penetration. The man has to do shallower thrusts rather than deeper. [Read: 7 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR SEX DRIVE NATURALLY]

  1. Cross Buttocks

Though it may seem difficult to execute, the cross-buttocks is ideal for height-divergent couples. Both the partners will be in horizontal position and their faces are at right angles to one another. The female partner will have to lie on the back and allow the male partner to lie over her across the waist and penetrating her from a sideways angle. [Read: ARE YOU THINKING OF ENGAGING IN PHONE SEX?]


  1. Seated Wheelbarrow

This position is rear entry position and it’s less strenuous than its standing variation. But it has the ability to provide deep ecstasy. To get into the position, the penetrating partner will have to sit on the edge of the bed and his feet touching the ground. The partner who will receive the penetration gets into the position by placing her hands on the floor and straddling the penetrating partner. [Read: 10 REASONS YOU SHOULD HAVE SEX RIGHT NOW]

  1. Spider

The man sits on the bed and his legs are stretched out. His female partner sits on his lap and allows the penis to penetrate the vagina. One of her legs is placed on either side of his chest and knees bent, keeping her pelvis forward and backward until the climax.


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