7 Reasons Why You Must not Skip Your Breakfast

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If you belong to those groups of people who think that eating breakfast is not important, know this, you’re sadly mistaken. Yes, you could be running late for work or may think that by reducing your calorie intake, you can lose your belly fat. Whatever may be your reason, you must learn that it is extremely unhealthy to not eat breakfast. In fact, it is the most important meal of the day and you can corroborate the same with your doctor.

groups of people who think that eating breakfast

Some healthy breakfast options include oatmeal, eggs, nuts, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, berries, fruits, protein smoothies or shakes, flax seeds and cottage cheese.

In the below-listed details, you can learn some ill-effects of missing breakfast after which you may think twice before you decide to skip that first meal of the day ever again.

  1. Heart-linked disorders
Missing your breakfast makes you prone to hypertension. As a result, your arteries could become clogged and cause a rise in the blood-glucose levels as well as other cardiovascular troubles. In short, it could affect your heart’s health in an adverse manner.

Heart-linked disorders


2.Mood Imbalances
 If you skip breakfast, there is also the possibility of you suffering from mood imbalances and low energy levels.

Mood Imbalances

Alternatively, eating a hearty breakfast has several health advantages. It boosts your energy levels, improves cognitive function, uplifts your mood and thwarts depression.

3. Diabetes

If women skip breakfast, they are chances of them being afflicted with Type-2 Diabetes. If they do not eat breakfast often, then it raises the likelihood of them being affected by Diabetes than those groups of women who eat the day’s first meal.


4. Menstrual Problems
 The possibility of women having irregular periods is high in those groups who miss their breakfast on a regular basis.
5. Lowers Metabolic Rate

Eating breakfast is an effective way of boosting your metabolism and remaining energized for the entire day. On the other hand, skipping your breakfast can lower your metabolic rate, cause a fall in your energy levels and reduce your efficiency at work.

Lowers Metabolic Rate

6. Obesity
 Are you under the impression that you can lose the excess calories by missing your breakfast? If you think so, you are wrong. Why? Well, because your craving for unhealthy foods can increase. Additionally, you have a tendency of overeating and can put on weight rather than lose it.



7. Headaches

 Do you complain of having headaches often? If yes, then it could be because you miss your breakfast. It leads to a fall in the glucose levels and the body releases hormones for maintaining the body balance. Consequently, your blood pressure levels could rise and cause headaches. Furthermore, your headaches are more intense if you skip breakfast as compared to missing any meal in the day.


ConclusionOn a concluding note, we sure hope you have decided to lead a healthy lifestyle and never miss your breakfast on any given day.

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