9 Must-have Car Accessories That You Must Consider Installing

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We all love accessories as they make a positive difference in our world by keeping us entertained and comfortable. Additionally, they make a statement about our personality and tastes. Car accessories are much in demand for their comfort features, but the fact that they impart a stylish look to our automobiles gives us another reason for investing in them.

In the below-listed details, we have mentioned some items for accessorizing your car.

Meal Tray

By installing a meal tray that is lockable with the headrest, you can enjoy some snacks when traveling and without having to bother about your car interiors becoming soiled.


You must surely have faced a situation where you are getting late for an outing and your car is dirty. In such circumstances, it would help to store a car duster in your automobile for keeping your car clean. All you need is a few minutes to wipe your vehicle and without creating a mess with soapy water. The microfiber dusters can pick dust particles in a jiffy.

Tire Puncture and Inflator Kit

Tires getting punctures in the midst of our journey are common incidences. At times, you may be unable to find a repair shop. For this reason, it is wise to invest in a tire inflator and puncture kit for repairing the tyres and carrying on with your journey in a hassle-free manner.

Cell Phone Holder

You will vouch for the fact that smart-phones have become an indispensable part of your life. For this reason, you must consider installing a mobile phone holder in your automobile as it can hold your device without you having to worry about it slipping off and getting damaged. Additionally, your cell phone can serve as a navigation system and it would help to keep the gadget in place via this car accessory.

USB Charger

Having a USB charger in your automobile can be extremely helpful. Your gadgets can be recharged as you are driving to your destination.

Emergency Hammer

Do you know the functionality of an emergency hammer? Well, there are useful for breaking your car windows if you are trapped in your car due to unfortunate circumstances. All you need to do is bring down the hammer on the windows for shattering the glass and then make your exit from the car and run towards safety.

Arm Rest

We all seek comfort when sitting within the cool confines of our home or being seated in our cars and roaming the city streets. You can purchase an armrest for comforting yourself when driving in your automobile. Some models of luxury cars come installed with this feature, but you can set-up these accessories for enhancing your comfort level if the vehicle is not fitted with these items.


Keeping your automobile covered with car covers is a great way of keeping your vehicle protected from the various atmospheric elements such as rain, heat, and sunlight.

Gear Lock

Did you know that you can prevent your car from getting stolen if you invest in gear locks? Yes, this is indeed true. These accessories make it difficult for the car thieves to steal cars that are parked on roads or unsecured parking lots.


These are several automobile other accessories such as trash bin, steering locks, reverse cameras, vacuum cleaner, air freshener, mats, bobbleheads, and reverse parking sensors that make for a wise investment. They are preferred by people as they make their lives so much more convenient and pleasurable. Seriously, what would we do without these car items is anybody’s guess.

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alan ceil

Really some car accessories should have in the car. Some accessories must have your car so that not make beautiful. Thank you for shear a great tip.