A Must-Read for Men Having Smelly Feet

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Our feet tend to sweat profusely due to the rising temperatures during summertime. Did you know that extreme perspiration can emit a foul odor? Yes, it’s true. This occurs because bacterial elements thrive on our sweat and release an acidic byproduct that causes an unpleasant smell. The good news is that there are several measures that can be adopted for lowering the bacteria count by ensuring the feet have a drier environment.

Smelly Feet

Men will find it useful to refer to the following tips for keeping their free from distasteful smells.

Vinegar Remedy

You must soak your feet in a vinegar mixture for eliminating the microbes. Vinegar creates an acidic atmosphere for killing the microbes due to which it is considered to be an effective cure.

If you wish to practice this remedy, take a bowl and combine vinegar and water in the ratio 1:2 respectively. Then, keep the feet immersed in the mix for 30 minutes. Continue the treatment once per day for 1 week.

Vinegar Remedy

Black Tea

This remedy is effectual because black tea contains acids that can close the pores and lessen sweating. Additionally, it contains antibiotic properties due to which the bacteria are neutralized.

For this remedy, you must take a pan and add 1 pint of water along with 2 black tea bags. Keep the pan on the gas and boil the contents for 10-15 minutes after which you must switch-off the gas. Then, mix 2 quarts of tepid water to the pan and decent in a bucket. Thereafter, soak your feet in the mixture for 30 minutes. If you pursue this remedy once in a day for 1 week, you are sure to get the desired results.

Black Tea Soak


It may help you to learn that the materials of your socks can make all the difference. Fabrics such as nylon can trap moisture that leads to higher sweating. On the other hand, cotton is considered to be breathable and prevent the feet from sweating. Also, consider carrying an extra pair of socks if you have a tendency of sweating more than normal.

Soak your feet
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Saline Water

Immersing your feet in the salt water is also advised that you must take seriously for preventing the feet from emitting foul smells because the solution can extract moisture from the feet and prevent the bacteria from multiplying.

This remedy entails filling a bathtub with water. Then, dissolve ½ – 1 cup in the tub contents. Dip the feet in the mix for 20 minutes after which they can be cleaned with plain water. By practicing this remedy, once per day over a 2-week period, you will notice that your feet do not stink.

Saline Water

Powders and Sprays

Another method that you can apply for preventing smelly feet is by spraying antifungal powders on the feet before wearing the socks, and shoes. Also, consider squirting disinfectant sprays on your shoes and washed socks. Keep the socks inside the shoes for higher absorption of the formulation.

disinfectant sprays


The above-listed remedies are cost-saving as they require basic ingredients. Additionally, they have been tested by people for several decades and are known to be extremely effective. Nobody likes to be around anybody having smelly feet. With a little effort from your end, you can save yourself and others the disturbing incidences.

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