Adobe Survey: Millennials’ Work Email Habits are Affecting Businesses

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Nowadays, emojis are used extensively in text messages; you may be familiar with the trend. However, you may be surprised to learn that as per the second annual email survey by Adobe, over 50 percent of older Millennials (between the age group of 25-34 years) were found to use emojis in their emails, including the work ones as well.

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Also, as per the survey, around 70% of the respondents opined that text messages had an impact on emails. In fact, text messaging, emojis, forums, instant messages, and chat rooms have seemed to alter communication patterns, both personally and professionally. [Read More: Whatsapp, Skype Set To Come Under New Eu Security Rules: Draft]

However, keep in mind that when using emojis, the sender could have a different interpretation; and the recipients, another take. Thus, there may be a breakdown of interpretation and language, and the chances of messages being misunderstood between parties are likely. As such, there is possibility of business and personal relationships being affected.

Due to the Millennials, new work email habits are being adopted by several businesses. This is because they are the first generation to be exposed to instant communication via digital format since childhood.

Work Email Habits: Shaping of Businesses

The work email habits of Millenials are changing the way in which businesses operate in today’s times. Over 50 percent of the Millennials are found to use their smartphones for checking work emails; thus, they do not detach themselves from work. On a constant basis, they are found to check emails; and these habits are altering the functioning of businesses.

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Many reasons can be cited for the constant habit of checking emails by the Millennials. Possibly, they want their seniors to perceive them as efficient workers. Or, the increase in tech companies may be driving these habits of the Millennials. Alternatively, the fact that people are working virtually can be responsible for the individuals to be connected to their devices perpetually. However, the fact is indisputable that the Millennials have the habit of constantly checking their work emails.

Work Email Habits: Impact on Operation of Businesses

Rather than correcting the work email habits, there is need to address these issues. Generally, there is an expectation of responding as soon as possible to the work emails. According to the survey, more than half of the respondents expect replies to their emails within an hour or so. Also, the older Millennials (within the age group of 25-35 years) expect the mail recipients to respond within a couple of minutes. Thus, there is need to address the work email habits.

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Also, the question arises that if employees are constantly keeping a tab on their emails, then how efficient are they in completing tasks. Several studies indicate that people take around 20 minutes or so to resume their activities after such interruptions. As such, work production and proficiency of the workers are being questioned.

Checking Your Email

Eliminating work email is not an option. But, the expectations with respect to the response time of the emails are to be addressed. Businesses can take measures to reduce the constant interaction via mails, pertaining to their employees. They can introduce certain standards and set a timeline for the response time of the emails. By no means, emails should cause hindrances to the growth of businesses. Rather, they must help in reducing the timeline of conducting business and improving work culture.

Perhaps, communication within workplaces has to be reexamined. Maybe, there is need to introduce new standards, concerning work emails, for the benefit of both employees and employers. What do you think?


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