Amber Rachdi’s Before & After, 24-Year-Old Weighed 660 Pounds

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If you are not tuned into the TLC Series My 600 Pound Life, you should know that this reality show features people struggling with obesity problems. It covers the challenges they face on a daily basis including performing simple household chores.

Amber Rachdi
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Amber Rachdi attended the show in 2014 when she was 23-years old and weighed 657 pounds. It was the first episode of Season 3 and was aired in 2015. She gained inspiration for shedding her excess weight subsequently. Since then, she has lost 400 pounds and feels more confident. She is 26 years old now.

 Amber’s Story

When Amber was obese, activities such as walking, fitting into a car and bathing – required a lot of effort on her part.

She is a college drop-out and was never employed thereafter. Her parents cooked her meals. Apparently, she would eat a huge quantity and devoured 4-5 meals every day.

Amber’s Story
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She relied on food to relieve her of anxiety. According to her, she needed food to calm her down. Since the age of 5 years, Amber has been obese. She reveals that she feels hungry at all times and can eat food put in front of her even if stuffed.

The only time she would leave her house was when she went shopping for food with her boyfriend Rowdy; the couple has been dating for the past 2 years. She would roam about the supermarket passageways using a mobility scooter.

shopping for food with her boyfriend Rowdy
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Rowdy divulged that he was overcome by guilt but indulged his girlfriend because he loves her. The duo are in a live-in relationship. Rowdy is fond of large-sized women but is sexually frustrated because he faces difficulty in getting intimate with his partner because of her size.

Amber says that she has put on more than 200 lbs since Rowdy entered her life. She tried to change her eating habits but failed miserably in her attempts.

She was also aware of the fact that is she did not alter her habits; she may not live until her 30th birthday.

Bearing that in mind, she attended the show in Houston, Texas, with Rowdy for getting a gastric bypass from Dr. Nowzaradan, the weight-loss specialist. He suggested, she loses 20 pounds before conducting the surgical procedure. Even her parents shifted base from Oregon to Houston so Amber remained close to the surgeon.

Amber’s Makeover
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Amber made up her mind that she would qualify for the surgery. The result, she started eating healthy meals and followed a daily exercise routine. She found it difficult to walk but giving up was never an option.

Amber’s Makeover

Amber is under contract with TLC and cannot disclose details about her weight. Nevertheless, during a chat with one of her fans on Facebook, she revealed that she was happy to reach 250 pounds and has lost more weight. How did she lose 400 pounds?

Well, she altered her eating habits and exercised every day to lose enough weight so she could qualify for a gastric bypass. Post the surgery, she continued with her weight-loss efforts. At a later stage, she also wrote on the Q & A page that gastric bypass should be considered an aid and not a remedy for obesity.

She revealed that the surgery has a favorable effect for a temporary period on the body. Primarily, it encourages obese people to lead a healthy life.

Amber’s family have shifted back to Oregon, leaving Amber with Rowdy in Houston. Presently, Amber has taken control of her life and is leading a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Nowzaradan has also promised to scrape her excess skin after she reaches 250 lbs. Thereafter, Amber has dreams of completing college, getting employment and marrying for starting a family.

Amber eats healthy home-cooked meals and follows an exercise routine. She received immense support from her fans, friends, and family. She wants to send out the message that it is never too late to make a positive change. She also urges people to view weight-loss as a lifestyle change and not a short-term diet program.

You can contact Amber on her Facebook page for learning more about her eating disorder, transformation, various surgeries, daily diet and exercise program, in addition to how she managed to win back her lost confidence.

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