Are You a Fashionable Male?

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If being fashionable comes to you naturally, it can be construed that you have mastered the art of grooming. There are particular behavioral patterns that are associated with flamboyance.

You can learn more about these traits by referring to the following pointers.

  • High Confidence Levels

Men falling in the stylish category are brimming with confidence and feel comfortable in whatever they are wearing. Also, they carry off their clothes with élan. You will also observe that they are totally at ease with themselves and appear to be coolest of dudes.

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  • Keeping It Simple

Their cupboards may not be teeming with hundreds of clothes, but they will stock the best brands. They understand the importance of quality over quantity. Moreover, their dressing style is simplistic and not overburdened with many accessories. You can count on them to strike the right balance with their minimalistic style.

  • Quality Purchases

Voguish men understand that if clothing is expensive, then the quality is definitely superior. They invest in reputed brands and are aware that their purchases will last for longer durations than the cheaper varieties.

  • Highly Organized

An elegant man’s wardrobe is organized. Also, you will not find their room cluttered. Everything will be neatly arranged, carefully folded, and tucked firmly in its place. From their ties, shirts, shoes, to chic accessories – they will all be impeccably stored.

  • Extremely Cordial

They are born charmers and this trait is enhanced by their politeness. You will never see them blow their own trumpet about how great they are looking. Also, they are well-mannered and will make you feel completely at ease. Yes, they sure can make you go weak in the knees.

  • Do Not Impose

A man having impeccable manners never imposes his opinions on others. If asked, they sure do try and help out, but as much as possible they keep to themselves and you will never see them cross their boundaries or be out of line. They always maintain their balance: even in the times of adversity they will keep a cool head and seek optimal solutions whilst ensuring a win-win situation for all parties involved.

  • Caring For Their Clothes

Stylish men love their branded clothes and make all efforts to preserve them properly. Their garments are ironed and sparklingly clean. You will also witness that they read the care instructions on the label and instruct their staff or dry cleaner to strictly adhere to the mentioned guidelines.

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  • Never Shop Online

Online shopping is highly convenient but a modish man will not follow that route. They will make efforts to check the quality of their purchases. Therefore, you will notice that they visit the shops and carefully consider all the factors before making the confirmations.

  • Follow a Grooming Schedule

The new term for men who love to groom themselves is ‘metrosexual’. Rarely will you notice that their hair is out of place. They love visiting the salons for their manicures, pedicures, and haircuts for their grooming sessions. It is no longer the forte of only women. Men are equally conscious about their appearance and many times more than their female counterparts, in some cases. Additionally, they use premium men’s cosmetics and are sure to have an enviable collection of male-oriented scents lined in their wardrobe.

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Women always love a well-dressed man. If you are not able to attract the female crowd in hordes maybe you should consider getting a makeover. Moreover, the above-mentioned guidelines may seem to be of some help during your endeavor to increase your style quotient.

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