Are You Considering Buying a Stackable Washer Dryer?

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You may want to buy a stackable washer dryer if you are residing in a small-sized apartment. Where these appliances are concerned, the washing and drying machines are perched on top of the other. Both the units can fit in one corner of your apartment as per your preference. These household appliances are designed so they can be accommodated in small spaces.

If you keep the washing and drying units at different areas of the room, they will occupy much of your floor room. The stackable units are devised to offer convenience benefits of additional space within your residence to make life more comfortable for you.

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The stackable versions of these laundry machines are formulated to meet the washing needs of those groups of people dwelling in small spaces. If they possess these appliances, they do not need to visit a visit the Laundromat for doing their laundry. They can wash their clothes within the cool comforts of their homes.

It may interest you to know that there are 2 types of stackable washer dryers including: laundry centers; front loading washers and dryers.

Laundry Centers

Laundry centers are procurable as a single unit; both the washer and dryer are attached. You need not bother about ascertaining the compatibility of the appliances because these details are taken care of during the designing stage by the manufacturers.

Laundry Centers
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The downside of these applications lies in the fact that they can accommodate a smaller capacity due to which you may have to do your laundry oftenly.  Even then, these units are preferred by people as they are saved the trouble of going to a Launderette.

Front Loaders

If you are not keen on laundry centers and want to purchase individual units, you must pick only front loading washing and drying ones. It is important that you choose only front loaders, not top loaders, because you can access the door of the units for loading or unloading your clothes.

If availing this option, you have to shop for the washer and dryer separately. Additionally, you must ensure that both the units are compatible with each other. Also, you need to purchase a stacking unit for mounting the units within its interiors.

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These types of stackable units are beneficial as you get to pick your choice of the machines. Moreover, they are known to rate high in energy efficiency.

The disadvantages associated with these kinds of laundry machines is that you may have to shell out more money for purchasing both the units. Moreover, you have to make sure that the appliances are compatible with each other. Furthermore, your residence should have greater power outlet for the machines to function. These processes are tedious and time-consuming.


On a concluding note, we recommend that you take into account all the factors involved prior to confirming your purchases of the stackable varieties of washers and dryers. The above-listed pointers can surely help you to decide which kinds of these appliances would be most suitable for your needs.

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