Are you facing premature ejaculation problems?

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Some men are known to suffer from premature ejaculation problems. This could be the result of anxiety that is related to their performance in bed. Men lay a lot of emphasis on sex and feel that their masculinity will be questioned if they are unable to satisfy their partners in bed. They think that they will be judged as per their ability to perform during intercourse and if they fall short in satiating their female counterparts, their peers will make them an object of ridicule. Due to them harboring these self-doubts of their sexual abilities, they have a tendency of becoming anxious. As a result of this anxiety, they may ejaculate prematurely.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a condition that is characterized by the ejaculations occurring before the penetration or within a short period of the insertion. Men are said to be suffering from this disorder if they are unable to gain control over their ejaculations. This inability in males can leave both partners unsatisfied. Research studies indicate that a significant percentage of men experience these problems at some phase in their lives.

There are several reasons for the growing anxiety in men and its relation to premature ejaculation issues and these are studied below:

Societal Pressure

Anxiety and premature ejaculation are interrelated. If a man becomes anxious due to his insecurities related to sex, he may tend to ejaculate prematurely. One of the reasons that can trigger the anxiety symptoms are societal perceptions about the man falling short in masculinity if he cannot keep his partner satisfied. Men could become anxious and panicky because they think that these negative perceptions can harm their self-image. This anxiety can cause him to lose control over his ejaculations.

Societal Pressure

Lacking in Experience

It is also possible for men to undergo sexual disability when they lack experience in sex. As a result of them lacking in experience, they might ejaculate prematurely. Additionally, they may feel embarrassed about their handicap that could give rise to the anxiety pangs.

Lacking in Experience

Past Experiences

At times, men may have been subjected to embarrassment during intercourse with their female partners in the past due to which they could become sensitive when they are put in situations that serves as a reminder of the former incidences. They have a tendency of becoming sensitive in such circumstances and react by ejaculating during the early stages.

Past Experiences

Treatment Options

It is considered normal for men to become anxious if they have never had sex before. They may come under pressure due to lack of experience and doubts pertaining to their performance. Additionally, if they feel that these issues will harm they image in society, they might experience anxiousness. However, there are various ways of addressing these problems.

  • They can confide in their partners about these problems and both parties can try and resolve the problem jointly.
  • Men can also exercise the option of maintaining sexual relations with a single partner to become experienced and comfortable with the process.
  • Following an exercise schedule on a regular basis can be stress-relieving and stimulate the release of the ‘feel-good’ hormones known as endorphins for chasing away the blues.
  • Counseling is another option that men can avail.


Sexual exercise

On a concluding note, it is essential to remember that the issues of premature ejaculation are treated on their own over time. There is need to be patient for achieving the desired results. It is also helpful to indulge in relaxation techniques for tranquilizing the body and gaining control over the ejaculations.

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