Are You Up For the Blue Whale Challenge?

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The Blue Whale Challenge or Blue Whale game has been in the news during recent times. It is an internet-based game that is accessible in various countries. If you sign up for the challenge, over a period of 50 days, you will be assigned one task on a daily basis by the administrators. Consequently, the tasks become more dangerous and deadlier. Your concluding task will be to commit suicide.

Blue Whale Challenge
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As part of the game, you are also required to upload photos of the completed tasks as proof. Some of the tasks include listening to different genres of music, watching horror flicks, getting up from sleep at odd hours, creating different shapes on their skin, mounting a crane, performing secret chores, inserting needles in arms or legs, viewing videos sent by the administrators, mutilating themselves and lastly the drastic step.

Blue Whale Challenge
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The origin of the term ‘Blue Whale’ has links to beached whales that die on account of dehydration, crumbling under their own weight or drowning when high tides block the blowhole. Blowholes are openings atop the head of the whales through which they inhale air.

Blue Whale
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In the year 2013, the game began in Russia; during 2015, the country reported its first case of suicide.

The inventor of the game is believed to be Philipp Budeikin, who as a student of psychology faced expulsion from his University. His purpose, it seems, was to cleanse society by driving those groups of people to suicide that were perceived to be of no value.

It was in the year 2016 when a journalist wrote an article on the several suicides and exposed its inter-linkages to the Blue Whale game that Russia went into panic mode. At a later stage, Budeikin was arrested and found to be guilty for the suicidal deaths of 16 adolescent girls. His indictment resulted in the framing of several suicide prevention laws; and also heightened fears over the Blue Whale trend on a worldwide basis. Other harmful trends such as ‘human embroidery’ were also introduced in China as a result of the game.

The other names of the game are F-57, F57, a Sea of Whales and the Silent House. Mostly, the game is played on social sites such as Snapchat and Instagram.

 Blue Whale Suicide Challenge
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India reported its first suicide case on April 1, 2017, when a 14-year old lad leaped from the terrace of his Andheri home. Other countries such as Bulgaria, China, Russia, Portugal, Spain, United States, Uruguay, Serbia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Paraguay, Kenya, Italy, Georgia, Columbia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina are also conducting investigations on several suicides that have been reported as a result of the Blue Whale Challenge.

Worldwide political leaders have condemned the game and the related suicides. They are asking parents to be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviors of their children as a precautionary approach.


 As we conclude, we urge you to not get swept away by people asking you to take up the ‘Blue Whale’ challenge to prove your bravery. It is a waste of time and yields no fruitful results. Remember you may end up losing your life. Instead, direct your efforts towards the positive aspects of life and try and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

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