Beware, Paparazzi – Celebrity Parents Do not Want their Kid’s Pictures Clicked.

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George and Amal Clooney’s twins named Ella and Alexandra were born on June 6, 2017. The couple married in Venice during September 2014. George Clooney is a celebrated movie star and Amal is a human rights lawyer. Recently, the pictures of their babies were taken without their consent at their family home in Lake Como that lies within the Northern part of Italy’s Lombardy district.

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The photographers of French magazine Voici published pictures that were taken illegally. Apparently, the reporters jumped the fence and climbed the tree to get photos of the month-and-half-year-old newborns at Lake Como. Clooney has announced that he will be taking legal action against the tabloid, photographers and the agency for the misdemeanor.

Clooney did not fathom that such an incident would occur at Lake Como, away from the hotbed of the Paparazzi precinct of Los Angeles. Now, it is evident that paparazzi anywhere is not going to stop at anything for getting the biggest scoops for increasing sales of their magazines. This is because people may find it objectionable to scale trees and fences of private residences, but that is not going to stop them from picking a copy of Voici magazine for viewing the pictures.

There is much speculation about how the Clooney’s plan on introducing their newborns to the world. Some are of the opinion that they may opt for a magazine cover shoot and donate the proceeds to charity. They are sure not going to post the pics on social media.

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 Well, there is demand for babies of celebrities amongst people. But, there is need to respect the privacy of the famous personalities when they are out with their little ones. Some publications have discontinued publishing photos of celebrity’s kids that have not been permitted by the parents taken at sports events, premieres or posted on the parents’ social media accounts.

Several renowned stars such as Dax Shepard, Halle Berry, Kristen Bell and Jennifer Garner are vouching for stringent measures against nosy paparazzi that stick cameras in the faces of their kids. They are of the view that they do not want their children’s pictures taken until they are old enough to take a decision on whether they want or do not want to be part of the limelight.

Also, Ashton Kutcher has requested the paparazzi to not intrude when he is out at public places with his family. He is not in favor of the photographs being taken and published without his family’s permission. His wife Mila Kunis and he have 1 son Wyatt and 1 daughter Dmitri. It seems that there was a helicopter hovering around their house to catch a glimpse of their babies due to which he posted a photo of his son so the paparazzi would stop following them.

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It is an attempt by the celebrity parents to give their children a normal upbringing and away from the prying eyes of the media. They understand that the public is keen on knowing about their lives but are not ready to bargain their children’s privacy to satisfy the ever-growing demand of their kid’s photos.

Their efforts are directed towards shielding their kids and protecting their privacy. It is not fair that the private lives of the celebrities are intruded in such a manner because there is much demand for their kid’s pictures. It is fine for the photographer’s to perform their job but it is time they learn to respect the private space of individuals even if they are famous faces.


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