Beyonce’s Twins Have Finally Arrived

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Yes, it’s true. The second time over, the Jay-Z and Beyonce became parents. It is twins for the couple this time around. Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles was the first to make the announcement about the pair having welcomed 2 new family members, a boy and a girl, born on June 14th, 2017. The baby boy is named Sir Carter and the baby girl is known as Rumi. The couple celebrated their babymoon in Bora Bora – part of the South Pacific Islands.

Beyonce and JayZ's Newborn Twins
Image credits: youtube

The couple has spared no expense for giving the best to their newborns. The infants have been assigned 3 nannies to look after them. The babysitters are being offered salaries to the tune of $ 100,000 per year and the total for all 6 would amount to a whopping $ 600,000 every year.

The reasoning behind the couple hiring 6 helps is because the twins have different sleeping schedules, 3 have been kept for each of the infants. The caregivers work for 8 hours per day in 3 different shifts.

The love story of music’s first couple Beyonce and Jay Z is what fairy tales are made of. The couple have been in a relationship for 15 years and are married for 9 years now. Beyonce was 18 when she met Jay Z. They started dating when she was 19 years of age. The couple married on April 4th, 2008. In a private ceremony at a Manhattan penthouse, the marriage was solemnized. The wedding was kept under wraps for some months before both of them spilled the beans on their nuptials.

An outstanding aspect concerning the couple’s marriage is that the birthdates of Beyonce and Jay-Z are September 4th and December 4th. Furthermore, their matrimonial took place on April 4th.

Like every married couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce have had their share of ups and downs. In the past, there were rumors of Jay-Z’s indulging in infidelity, but the issue was resolved soon enough. Also, during the years 2010-2011, there were rumors floating about Beyonce’s pregnancy and later it was known that she has suffered a miscarriage. During an interview to a popular magazine, Jay Z also revealed about there were several stillbirths during their marital lives.

Nonetheless, they have had their share of highs as well. They were blessed with their first girl child on January 7, 2012, the baby was named Blue Ivy. She is now 5 years old.

Blue Ivy is playing an active role in her duties as a big sister. Reportedly, she is helping her mom with the newborns and is also believed to have given her inputs during the naming of the babies.

The babies were born prematurely and kept under observation before the doctors granted permission to the parents to take their babies home.

Through both her pregnancies, Beyonce was seen dressed in stylish pregnancy wear. Moreover, it was in February 2017 that she flaunted her baby bump in sexy lingerie wear and covered herself in a veil as seen on her Instagram account. Her pictures where she features in varied maternity outfits once again proves that she is the undisputed Queen as she looks fashionable in all her looks.

Beyonce's pregnancy wear
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At present, the family is renting an apartment at Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Blue Ivy attends pre-school there. They are scouting for a house to buy in the vicinity.

Here’s wishing the twosome and their family all the best for the future. Also, we urge them to keep dishing out dance-tapping music tracks for keeping us entertained as they have been doing for so many years. Let the good times roll!

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