Bill Murray Gets Glorious Photoshop Treatment After Cubs Win (20 Photos)

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Cubs Win World Series And Bill Murray Gets Photoshopped

Leave it to the Internet to make a good thing even better. After the Cubs 8-7 win over the Indians in game 7 clinching their first World Series in 108 years, long time Cubs fan Bill Murray was ecstatic beyond words. A photographer captured the special moment as Murray walked onto the field to celebrate with the team. Shortly after the photo was on the web, in web fashion, the photoshop pros went to work. Here’s some of the gold they came up with.

The original photo that started it all.

Cubs win, it’s time to party! 

You the real MVP Bill!

Bill’s a serious competitor. 


He said yes… 


It’s a little harsh. 

It’s over. You’re not trapped anymore. You’re free, Bill. 

The greatest generation.

A Cinderella story outta nowhere. 

Big Ern wins again. 

A Murray celebration. 

No one will ever believe you. 

He’s coming to celebrate and he’s right behind me, isn’t he? 


It still stings. 

That’s some good shit Bill, don’t waste it. 

crunch crunch crunch… 

What the hell were they thinking? 

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