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Sex is a tricky beast, isn’t it? While fun, it’s, arguably, one of the most thought about things in everyone’s minds, wondering how we can do it better for longer, while making sure both people leave absolutely satisfied.

And while premature ejaculation is the worst, when you and your partner have been going at it… and at it… and, oh shit, nothing’s happening, that’s even worse, as one or both just can’t seem to climax. So what gives? Well, according to Medical Daily, there are six potential reasons why neither one of you can orgasm, so don’t fret, just educate yourself.

  • Tight Condoms

Condoms are often seen as an “evil” necessity that reduces sensitivity and sensations for men. The truth is condoms can inhibit male orgasm if they do not fit properly. A condom that is too tight can feel like the penis is in a chokehold, which can be distraction, and make it difficult to keep an erection.

  • Stress

High levels of stress impact your psychological and physiological health, which can interfere with the ability to orgasm. This makes it harder to concentrate on the sensation and relax during sex.

  • Depression

A 2000 study in the American Family Physician found 70 percent of adults facing depression without treatment had problems with their sex drive. This is because sexual desire starts in the brain as sex organs rely on chemicals in the brain to jumpstart your libido, and change blood flow. Depression disrupts these brain chemicals, making sexual activity more difficult to initiate and enjoy.

  • Chronic Pain

Chronic pain sufferers find it difficult to feel pleasure during sex since the body hurts all the time. This is unfortunate since having an orgasm can alleviate some pains and aches.

  • Prescription Meds

Drugs tend to be among the most common causes of sexual problems. Prescription meds are responsible for as many as one of every four cases of sexual dysfunction.

  • Negative Body Image

When you feel good about your body, you tend to feel better psychologically as well. The mind-body connection is imperative in sexual pleasure… Positive feelings associated with weight, physical condition, sexual attractiveness, and thoughts about our body during sex help promote healthy sexual functioning.

So what’s this all mean? Well, for starters, don’t freak out if/when you seem to be lasting for nearly an hour and haven’t finished yet—that’s either because you’re drunker than you want to admit or have one of these things occurring. Second, and more importantly, don’t put so much pressure on your sex life, imagining what it should be like based off of things you see on TV or in movies.

To read the full details and get additional info, head over to Medical Daily.

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