Chris Hemsworth’s Workout Fundamentals from Instagarm

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    The “Thor” actor happens to be one of the fittest Guys of Hollywood for his active lifestyle!

Hey, Guys! Have you watched actor Chris Hemsworth in “Thor” movie, jacked-as-hell superhero?

Chris Hemsworth


Today, Chris is one of the fittest actors of Hollywood?  Of course, he has been portraying the superhero character for the last 7 years on the big screen. No doubt Hemsworth has got one of the most amazing physiques in Hollywood. What could be secret of his fitness?


Some may give credit to his genetics. What’s most astonishing that once he almost lost his Thor spot to his little younger brother. His Instagram status shows that the lifestyle he is having would allow him to stay jacked forever.


Contrary to what many would be thinking that Hemsworth doesn’t live in the gym. In fact, he tells that there are a lot more things which can be done to form those biceps than lifting heavy weights.

Chris Hemsworth in T-Shirt


The former Men’s Health Cover guy told the Magazine last year that he does a lot of other sorts of movement, flexibility, and functional training. He does a ton of boxing or Muay Thai workouts and yoga.


His Instagram status talks about the variety of training techniques he employs such as using his children for resistance training and trying to keep up with his wife, whom he feels to have a better shape than himself.


Want to be shaped as Chris Hemsworth? We have chosen some of our favorite Chris Hemsworth Instagram techniques for you to devise a handy 10-step program:


  1. Make the best use of your gym time



 2. Practice poolside kung fu technique


Practice poolside kung fu technique


3. Introduce regular swimming into your routine

regular swimming into your routine 


4. Punch things


5. Punch heavy things



6. Get a toddler



7. Use kids from step 6 as a weighted vest whenever possible



8. Do something that makes you passionate



9. Hit the slopes…


10. Or be at Basketball Court

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