Cinematic Experiences are Losing their Sheen – Here’s Why

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Marvel Studios came up with the series of interconnected superhero films and have been hugely successful in their endeavor. They were able to synergize the different elements of the flicks with the main theme of the series and not cash in on their previous hits. Other studios such as Warner Brothers have not been able to achieve those levels of synergistic effects.

Fox studios tried to compete with Marvel through their X-Men movie series and were able to set themselves apart through this franchise. However, it is debatable whether X-Men is living in the shadows of Marvel’s Avengers series.

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Warner and Fox are now veering from interlinked superhero flicks to simpler ways of narrating stories through single outings. Warner with ‘Wonder Woman’: and Fox with the ‘Unforgiven’.

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Marvel Cinematic Experience (MCU) were the forerunners of the series of interlinked movies. Then, in the year 2014, DC Extended Universe (DCEU) studio was launched by Warner Bros to compete with the Marvel Enterprise.

However, the trend seems to be shifting to making solo superhero films. If sources are to be believed, DCEU is now planning to make a movie on the Joker starring Leonardo Di Caprio that will be separate from the DCEU series, which has Jared Leto starring as Gotham’s priced clown.

Cinematic Experiences
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We also hear that the upcoming Batman movie to be directed by Matt Reeves will be filmed outside the DCEU franchise with another actor starring as the dark knight. Ben Affleck will not be featuring as Batman like in the main DCEU sagas.

Cinematic Experiences
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We can only wonder why studios have spent millions of dollars in creating a cinematic journey for featuring the hailed superheroes and then move to filming movies on similar characters that are not connected to the established franchise. Is there any explanation for this muddling move of studios? Are the audiences not going to be perplexed by viewing Ben Affleck in the primary DCEU movies, and a different actor playing the part of Batman in the solo films?

The message is very clear that Warner is more interested in cashing in on single comic-based stories with A-list actors as compared to Marvel’s versions of interrelated films with lesser-known faces. It is after the studio’s latest outing ‘Wonder Woman’, which had links to the DC’s universal theme but was shot in a new era and did not have the trappings of series continuity, managed to send the cash registers ringing at the Box Office after which the studio altered its stand.

It is being debated whether the studios will ever be able to compete with Marvel if they are going to shift focus from numerous episodes to the single-movie format of movie making. If the studios are keen on attracting crowds to the cinemas and gain a competitive edge amongst their rivals, they should direct their efforts to create a cinematic experience for the cine-goers. The superheroes flicks are extremely popular and if they emphasize on synergizing their film’s content with the franchise’s primary thesis it could be a win-win situation for them as well as their targeted audience.


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