Cloe Jordan’s Love for Selfies Saved Her from Skin Cancer

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Have you heard of anybody’s love for taking selfies actually saving their lives? Well, this is the story of Cloe Jordan – a 21-year female hailing from Wolverhampton. One of her interests lies in clicking selfies in her bikinis. It was this hobby of hers that saved her life.

Since her childhood days, she was sporting a mole on her abdomen. Recently, during her selfie-taking expeditions, she observed that the mole was becoming bigger in size and changing its shades often. However, she did not pay heed to these signs of cancerous moles as it was present during her childhood days. It was when she visited the skin doctor’s clinic to eliminate the mole that it was detected that she has Melanoma, and the mole was indeed malignant. She decided to visit the skin specialists because she perceived that the blemish was spoiling her pictures.

Cloe Jordan
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The dermatologists suggested that she undergo a biopsy; it was discovered that the mole was cancerous and she has skin cancer. They asked her to take treatment for removing the mole for preventing further damage to her body.

The experts were successful in removing the mole, but she now has a large scar on her stomach. As a result of the mole being embedded in the deeper layers of the epidermis because it was present for several years, the scar was big in size. Also, it had spread to her abdomen because of the delay in diagnosing the mole.

Cloe Jordan’s Love for Selfies
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The reason for Cloe to suffer from Melanoma was found to be her sunbed treatments that she opted for once or twice per month for giving her pale-looking skin an uplift. As an aftermath of this experience, she wants others to realize the dangers of these tanning beds for health. She recommends the use of tanning ointments and not sunbathing for flaunting a tanned look.

She has also displayed a picture of her scar as part of her endeavour to increase awareness about skin cancer. She proclaims that she will never bathe in the sun again. Instead, she prefers the application of a fake or spray tan.

She considers herself lucky because the skin specialists were able to get rid of the mole even though it had spread.

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Now, Cloe is awaiting the decision of the doctors pertaining to her future treatment course. The skin experts are studying her reports and based on their findings, they will decide on the ways of treating her.

We must all learn from this experience, not to ignore the symptoms of cancerous moles. Additionally, the required precautions should be taken. Always wear sunscreen if spending many hours in the sun for protecting the skin from the sun’s rays. Never opt for sunbed treatments to get a tan. Remain alerted about any moles that are altering in colour, size or shape. Keep an eye on moles that seem to have developed through your adulthood; in such cases, you must discuss your condition with your skin doctor. Anything peculiar about a mole on your body should be diagnosed by the doctors.

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