CRACKED: 6 Tactics of Emotionally Connecting with Women!

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As a man, if you are trying to figure about the different kinds of women, then learn that there are only 2 types of women: the ones who are open and not open – to you. However, if you want to connect with a woman and be exposed to her feminine side, try to understand the kind of person she really is. Learn how she perceives herself and relates to the internal and external factors that direct her life.

1. About ‘Connection’

Keep in mind that a connection is not something that both men and women do, but can be described as something that both parties share. Also, your connection with a woman is heavily influenced by both individuals’ correlation with their core beings. [Read More: Why Hot Guys Are Great In The Moment, But Funny Guys Are Forever]

Only when you are connected with your emotional side, then you can connect with a woman. Both of you must be honest if you want the emotional ties to become stronger over time. To satisfy a woman, a man should penetrate her mentally, physically, and energetically.

2. Promoting Connection

Understand that if you truly want to connect with a woman and do not want to only have her as your sex partner, then be honest with her. If you are not going to open up to her, there is a fat chance of any kind of emotional bond developing between the both of you.

Many men face difficulty in connecting with women. This could be because they want to connect with a woman only to get her into bed.

But, you must note that if you are not honest with her, there will be no ‘real’ connection. Also, if you are only looking for sex from a woman, then be honest about your intentions. By doing so, you will be successful in establishing a connection with your female partner.

3. Learn about your intentions

In some cases, you only want to bed a woman and then move on. Such intentions are acceptable. However, what is not acceptable is when you are not clear about your intentions.

Being part of society, men are made to feel guilty if they have only sexual intentions. This is the reason why guys feel blameworthy at these junctures. It may help to internalize your feelings. If your intention is to truly connect with her, then that is great.

In all cases, try to be honest and mean well. And if you have to bite the bullet and think that being honest about your intentions is the right way forward, then do just that. Trust me, you will share beautiful memories with women and also, maintain long-lasting friendships and relationships with them by having such an attitude.

4. Maintain Eye Contact

To connect with a woman, make sure to keep eye contact when she is talking to you. By doing so, she feels encouraged, loved, and also, cared for. Give the woman the space to share her real self with you and notice that she will open up. [Read More:Pondering Whether He Is Ready To Make It Official?– Watch Out For These Signs]

5. Let Her Talk

Establishing a connection is not going to be easy if you are constantly talking about yourself. She is sure to get bored if you do so. Also, do not interject when she is saying something. Give her time, space so she can put across her viewpoint. When you do so, the connection between the both of you will deepen.

Let Her Talk

6. Display Curiosity

A sure-shot way of having a connection with a woman is to be curious about her – and genuinely. You should be interested in her likes and dislikes. The way her face perks up when she is aware of your curiosity is sure to make you desire her much more.

Share your True Self

7. Share your True Self

Both man and woman should have something to offer to remain vested in a relationship. They should know how they apply to each other’s lives. But, if the man is only looking to take without giving, he may not meet with success if the woman has a strong sense of herself.

However, if both parties are looking to take, then there is a possibility that the relationship may work. But, you will perceive the desired effects in the relationship only if you shift your attitude from giving instead of taking.


It is nourishing for men to share deep connections with women. And no, this advice is not only reserved for your female partners in bed; but, is applicable for all the women in your life. For achieving these results, you must be more open and allow people to step into your world. If all men follow suit, the world is sure to become a better place to live in.

Have you met with success in emotionally bonding with women? If yes, do share your experience in the comments box below. We would love to hear from you!

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