Do You Have a Fetish for Street Food?

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Does your mouth start watering when you hear of street food?  Also, do you know about the several street foods that the various countries are famous for? Moreover, before traveling to a different country, do you read about the assorted street foods that the place is famous for? If yes, then you earn the tag of being a street-food lover for sure.

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For those who love street food but are not aware of the varied street foods that the diverse countries are popular for, the following list will be helpful to learn more on the same.

Poutine, Canada

When in Quebec, Canada, you must try the Poutine dish. It is a gravy-based dish that contains French fries, cheese, and curds.

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Turkish Bread, TurkeyFood

Koulouri or bread rolls are extremely popular street foods that must not be missed when touring Turkey.

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Vada Pav, Mumbai

Vada pav is a dish consisting of potato cutlets that are deep fried in oil and sandwiched in-between a bun. Your trip to Mumbai is incomplete without digging into this fare. You must also try the spices that accompany the dish for heightening the pleasure.

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Tostadas, Mexico

Mexicos are known for its Tostadas that can be defined as open sandwiches layered with squids and beans. Other variations of this dish are known to include eggs, pork, and chicken.

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Falafel, Egypt

Have you heard of falafels? Do you know that these deep-fried doughnuts are made of fava beans and/or chickpeas? When in Egypt, you must surely dig into this dish. Normally, they are served as fillings in pita flatbreads and are also referred to as wrapped sandwiches for this reason.

Other accompaniments that are splattered on the falafel balls include hot sauces, pickled veggies, salads and tahini sauces. You can also relish falafels alone; sometimes, they are part of a meze or an array of appetizers. Its origins are traced to Egypt and are now considered to be conventional Middle Eastern fare.

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Ceviche, Chile

In Chile, Ceviche is served in bowls. As part of its preparation, seafood is marinated in citrus juices and flavored with herbs and spices. Does it not sound yummy? Are you not tempted to try out this dish?

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Bubble Tea, Singapore

You must be wondering what is Bubble Tea if you have never visited Singapore. Well, this beverage has fruity syrups; and on the top, you will see floating tapioca balls.

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Arepas, Venezuela

Venezuelans pride themselves on their Arepas that were invented by them. Arepas are small-sized flatbreads that are fried and stuffed with meat and cheese fillings before they are served to the patrons. The Venezuelans take pride in this dish which is their specialty like tortillas are to Mexicans, pizzas are to the Italians and hamburgers to the Americans.

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Gelatos, Italy

Gelatos are ice-creams that were first introduced in Italy. The name is derived from the Italian term ‘gelato’ meaning ‘frozen’. Its base is comprised of sugar, cream, and milk. Nuts and fruits are flavorings that are served as part of this dessert-based dish.

As compared to other ice-creams, gelatos rate lower in fat, but are rich in sugar. These Italian-based ice creams contain lesser air and more flavors than the other frozen desserts due to which they have a distinctive texture.

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As per Italian laws, gelatos should contain 3.5% butterfat. These are served in cakes, pies, cones, cups, sandwiches, and sticks.


If you visit any of the above-mentioned places, be sure you add these street foods to your must-do list of things to make the most of your vacation.


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