Do You Know About These Butt Augmentation Methods?

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You may be driven to enlarge the size of your bottom after viewing several celebrities displaying their curvy-shaped bodies on various media channels. There are many others that are influenced by this trend due to which the demand for butt enlargement procedures only seems to be growing by the day.

Amongst the varied cosmetic procedures for women, the butt enhancement techniques seem to be racing far ahead of the rest. If you are looking to augment your buttocks, the options of either silicone implants or fat injections can be availed. Both these procedures can effectively help you perk up your derriere.

buttock augmentation
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Butt Enhancement Techniques

  • Fat Injections

Where fat injections or transfers are concerned, fat is removed from certain parts of your body and added to the booty. The extraction of fat from body portions such as the abdomen, hips, lower back, and flanks is the first step of this procedure after which they have to undergo purification. Thereafter, they are inserted around the buttocks region so you can flaunt a voluminous butt.

This procedure entails the use of numerous injections; also, the fat is inserted at varying levels so it is absorbed by your body with ease. Before the injection of the fat, the buttocks are contoured through Liposuction.

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  • Butt Implants

Under this method, at first, an incision is made around the butts prior to the implantation procedure. The cosmetic surgeons will lift the gluteus muscles for creating a pocket after which the silicone implants are adjusted and positioned. The last step entails the sewing of the incision.



Butt Implants
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If you opt for fat transfers, it will take around a week before you can resume your duties. However, you require 3 weeks for recovering fully after the operation. Also, 2 weeks post the surgery you will be asked to adorn customized garments to bring the swelling under control.

When availing the option for butt implants, it takes around 2-3 days before you are able to walk. However, the recuperation period after the silicones are inserted can be excruciatingly painful. Give yourself 4 weeks before you recommence your daily activities.

You recover faster from fat transfers as compared to butt implants. Remember that it is important to give yourself enough time for resurgence after both these butt augmentation methods.


It is considered normal to perceive side effects after any surgery. As an aftermath of the silicone and injection methods, you will experience swelling. Additionally, you remain susceptible to bleeding and infections.

Moreover, you also run the risk of the implants getting dislocated or slipping. Also, in the case of fat transfers, it is only 30 percent likely that your body will reabsorb the inserted fat.


The effects of the fat injection processes are known to be permanent. You need to wait for 3 months to ascertain the quantity of fat that is reabsorbed by your body.

After inserting the implants, the effects become visible instantaneously. Within 7-8 months you will become comfortable with them.


The costs for the butt enhancement techniques are on the steeper side. You are required to spend on the hospital and surgeon’s fee.


In the above-listed methods, we studied the different ways of gaining a rounded butt. Usually, the surgeons will advise women to go for silicone procedures if they do not have much fat on their bodies. Nevertheless, it is always better to discuss both the options with the practitioners and make a balanced decision after weighing the related factors.

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