Do Your Car’s Headlamps Need Replacement? Consider the Following Factors

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If you have not replaced the headlights of your car since the past few years, it is time you do. This is because their output reduces to a considerable degree over a period of time. Replacing the headlights of your car is a critical part of a vehicle’s maintenance measures.

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You can avail the options of halogen, xenon or LED bulbs as lighting solutions to be fitted on your automobile. The following points may prove to be useful during the selection of these car accessories. The right choice would be that which strikes a good balance between efficiency and visual appeal.

Factors to Consider During the Selection Process

  • Lifespan

A critical aspect when it comes to selecting your car’s headlamps is their lifespan. You may find it handy to mount lights that are long lasting as they do not need replacement every few years. It can be really quite a bother to purchase new ones frequently.

You should also take into account factors such as ease of installation of the lights; they tend to vary in the different types. Additionally, some lights are grouped under the Do-It-Yourself category whilst other varieties require the help of professionals. However, we advise that you opt for the customer-friendly varieties to save yourself from the bother.

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  • Degree of Brightness

The advantage of bright lights lies in the fact that they increase visibility by more than 50-60% on the roads. But, they come at additional costs because the brighter they are, they tend to be more expensive. Furthermore, their lifespan is limited because they reflect intense light due to which their functionality reduces over a short time period.

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  • Varieties of Bulbs

You can refer to the following details for learning more about Halogen, Xenon and LED bulbs. We suggest you make your choice after studying about their varied features.

Halogen, Xenon and LED bulbs
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  • Halogen Bulbs

If you are thinking of purchasing halogen bulbs, then you may find it useful to learn that they last for long durations, their replacement expenses are low and they emanate standard light. Also, various sizes of these bulbs are available and they can be fitted into various models.

They are able to generate more heat because a combination of gas and electricity-based filament is used to produce greater luminosity. Remember to always adorn latex gloves when working with these lights as they can be extremely reactive to our skin and other elements as well.

 BMW e90 halogen headlight
  • Xenon Bulbs

If you prefer high-intensity bulbs, choose the Xenon ones – they emit white light and are used in high-intensity discharge (HID) applications. They are also considered to be safer and costlier than the other bulb varieties. Vehicles categorized under the high-end selection are installed with white lights. If they constitute as your preference, you can avail their option.

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  • LED Bulbs

As compared to halogen bulbs, LED ones shine brighter and are perceptible at day and night. These lights are considered to be highly energy-efficient because they do not need high power for their operation. Also, these lights can be installed in several assemblies, a series of light systems collude to produce the bright light beam. You may favor these types of lights because they are easily installable on account of their plug-and-play features.

LED Bulbs
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Initially, the costs of these lights are higher. Also, their output is not as high as the HID ones.

Another choice that you have to grapple with is between performance and longevity. The bulbs emitting brighter light are known to last for shorter durations such as 1 year or so. Where the standard OEM lights bulbs are concerned, their lifespan is around 3 years.


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