Does Your Penis Size Bother You?

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Men suffer from anxiety due to various reasons. The size of their penis is also a cause of concern for some males. Most men are not worried about the size of their penis, but there is a small percent of the male population that becomes anxious about the length of their organ. According to medical researchers, these issues should not be worrisome. However, those people who worry about such issues are said to be suffering from ‘penis anxiety’.

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This condition is characterized by men obsessing about their penis size to the extent of becoming obsessed. They harbor self-doubts and seem incapable of accomplishing basic tasks. These feelings of inadequacy can result in lowering their self-confidence levels and affect their relationships with their partners.

You will also notice that men afflicted with ‘penis anxiety’ resist from going inside common changing rooms and taking a shower in front of their associates. They perceive that their penis size is not as large as the others due to which they fear becoming an object of ridicule amongst their peers. As a result, you will see that they shy away from such situations.

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These groups of men think that they will not be able to satisfy their partners in bed. They feel that they are not capable of performing in bed due to which they become depressed. You will also notice that they have doubts about their abilities and masculinity. The thought that they are not masculine enough could come as a big blow to them because they attach a great deal of importance to sex.

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Nonetheless, they must free themselves of any such doubts concerning the size of their reproductive organ. This is because appearances can be deceptive. Sometimes, short-sized penises can lengthen to a significant degree during arousal and the longer ones may be unable to extend much further. Hence, it is a wrong observation if men having small penises perceive that they will not be able to perform during intercourse.

Research reports also indicate that a small-sized penis can deliver at par with long ones. Sometimes, it performs better than the lengthy ones. This is because small penises elongate much further during an erection. Thus, it should not be assumed that if a penis looks smaller in its flaccid state, it will remain small when it is erect.

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The average size of the penis is around 4 inches when flaccid. It can grow to about 6-7 inches when sexually aroused.

Additionally, the reasons for the penis appearing smaller are manifold. At times, extra pubic hair can conceal the penis. Also, obesity in men could result in overhanging of the abdomen and cover the penis. Another reason that gives an incorrect perception about the penis size is optical illusory where the penis seems smaller when viewed in the mirror.

Men may also consider using male enhancement supplements, penis extenders, and penis pumps in some cases.

On a concluding note, it may be noted that a small percentage of men could have an abnormally-sized penis that can be below 2 inches. In such cases, they can avail many options for enlargement of their penis, including the surgical procedures, for treating the anomaly.


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