Driving Tips You May Need This Winter

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Wintertime is synonymous with snow and snow-packed streets. Driving your car on such roads is very risky and you have to be more cautious for avoiding accidents. There is less visibility and the car may also skid if you are driving at a fast speed. Also, you may find it difficult to halt your vehicle.

Image Source: media.propertycasualty360.com
Image Source: media.propertycasualty360.com

Sometimes, you cannot avoid traveling when planning road trips with your family where driving for an extended time-period becomes unavoidable. Here the possibility of your vehicle becoming stuck in the snow is high. These situations can be averted by taking a few precautionary measures as studied in the below-listed pointers.

  • Getting Your Car Ready

Make sure that your gas tank is filled as you do not want to run out of gas when it is snowing. Additionally, you can keep your car running for staying warm when stuck in the wilderness if there is gas.

You must also check whether there is an adequate quantity of fluid in your washer fluid for keeping the windshield free from ice and snow.

Also, consider getting car mechanics for inspecting the tires, brake lights and fluids before heading out in the snow.

Warm clothing, blankets, packaged drinking water, and toolkit are other requisites that should be kept in your automobile.

Winter Emergency Kits
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  • Essential Tools

You may need tools such as shovels, sand, and ice scraper as they may be useful for clearing the snow from the streets and car. Sand helps to improve traction of vehicles and prevents the formation of ice.

Driving Snow Sevival Kit
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Investing in snow tires and tire chains is also a worthwhile investment for heightening friction and preventing the vehicle from sliding in the snow.

Driving On Ice
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  • Studying the Weather Conditions

It is also wise to subscribe to weather alerts to be better prepared before heading out on the snow-packed roads. You can avail a variety of online sources to receive notifications about any weather changes.

  • Being Careful

It is advised to be careful when driving in the snow. Make sure to get rid of the snow on your car for increasing visibility. Also, ensure to keep the headlights illuminated when driving. Moreover, lower your driving speed for gaining better control of your vehicle.

snow on road at night
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  • Other Precautions

  • Drive in the middle of the road as the snow tends to accumulate on the sides.
  • When cruising through multi lanes, drive on the paths that are away from the curbs.
  • Never attempt to shit lanes because your car’s wheel can get jammed.
  • Do not attempt to overtake, especially snow plowing vehicles because you could be heading towards worse road conditions.
  • Avoid driving over bridges because they could freeze over and be strewn with black ice.
  • If you are stuck somewhere, use warm blankets and clothes for keeping warm. Also, keeps your vehicle running for heat production.
  • Make sure the tail pipe is unobstructed or else it could lead to carbon monoxide toxicity.
  • Use a shovel for removing the snow from the vehicle and roads.
  • Open the windows for fresh air circulation
  • Spread sand around your vehicle for improving traction.
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As we conclude, we advise you to take all the necessary precautions. Try not to panic and always keep a balanced head so you can think clearly. Keep yourself updated about the weather conditions. Also, if you need help, do not hesitate to call the emergency services. Remember it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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