Exploring Petra: A First-Timer’s Guide To Visiting Jordan

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If you are thinking of where to go on a vacation during the upcoming holiday season, we suggest you consider a trip to Petra. We can give you various reasons for planning a stopover at the locale. Situated in the Southern part of Jordan, Petra has been termed as ‘Rose City’ because the city was carved from a boulder that bore the same color. The early inhabitants of the region were the Nabataeans and built the town from the Mount Hor Rock during the 3rd BC.

Petra Jordan
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You also might be interested in learning that the city is recognized as one of the ‘New 7 Wonders of the World’ and is also Jordan’s most popular tourist attraction on the basis of its distinctive features. Additionally, since the year 1985, the city has been hailed as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The original name of Petra was Raqmu, as named by its primitive dwellers, and has garnered popularity for its rock-based structures and waterworks.

Petra has a lot of historical significance because legend has it that this is the site that was struck by Moses with a rock and water started flowing through, as per Arab traditions. Also, the burial site of Moses’ brother Aaron or Harun is Mount Hor – presently, called Mount Aaron or Jabal Haroun.

The autumn season that lasts from the months September–November, and springtime during the months March-May are ideal for making your trip to Petra – the weather is cool at these times of the year. Visiting the city during the summer months may not be as enjoyable because the temperatures are known to rise to 36 degrees Celsius during that time of the year.

Moreover, where your sightseeing expeditions are concerned, the sunrise, late afternoons and sundowns are the best times in the day for planning them. By doing so, you can escape the crowds, heat and unpleasant weather. All you need is a day for enjoying the lovely sights that the rose-shaded town has to offer.

When traveling to Petra, you must reach Amman or Aqaba airport following which you need to drive by road to reach the city. Taxi, car, and bus services are available for the patrons.

You will first approach Wadi Musa, a town located nearby Petra, and you need to purchase tickets from the Petra Visitors Centre for gaining entry into the township. Thereafter, you have to cover a distance of 2 km for arriving at the Siq – a narrow gorge containing sandstone rocks and serving as a water canal to Wadi Musa. You can either walk or ride a horse for reaching Petra.

Image Credit: wikimedia.org

A 1-day visitor pass for entering Petra is priced at 90 JD. Along with accommodation, you may have to spend approximately 50 JD. However, residents, students, Arabs, and Jordanians are required to shell put only 1 JD. Also, children below 15 years of age are given free entry.

Your visit to Petra commences from the Siq.

petra i jordanien
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Towards the end of the narrow passage, the Treasury or Al Khazneh that is carved from rocks becomes visible.

The Treasury
Image Credit: wikimedia.org

The Treasury

You can also view the Monastery and the amphitheater, referred to as El-Dier and En-Nejr respectively, from afar and have to walk a small distance for exploring these sites.

The Monastery
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Upon reaching these structures, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Petra city overlooking tombs, pillars, valleys, and streets.

During your exploration of Petra, you can eat at the nearby restaurants when hungry. We also advise that you wear comfortable shoes because of the long distances that you have to travel as part of the Petra travel. You can also carry water bottles for drinking water when thirsty. Also, be sure to sport sunglasses and sunscreen for protecting your skin from the harsh sun’s rays. Do not have any security concerns as Petra is considered extremely safe to travel.

Petra Amphitheatre
Image Credit: wikimedia.org

Visiting Petra once in your life is a must for the spectacular sights that the city beholds. It is a great place for unwinding and getting a break from the usual daily routine. Bon Voyage!

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