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On Friday, Facebook made an announcement that they planned on removing the ‘Trending News’ section on the site’s homepage. Since the launch of the section in the year 2004, the feature has been controversial. You may have noticed the module on Facebook’s homepage under the News Feed section on the top-right portion. The feature displayed links to news reports that were being discussed on the Facebook website.

Alex Hardiman, the head of Facebook’s Head of News Products, posted a blog stating said that the users did not find the offering to be useful. Also, he stated that the site will not feature that section from next week onwards. Additionally, they will be removing the third-party collaborations that depend on the Trends API. [Read More: Facebook May Net Eu Fine Over Whatsapp Merger Information]

He continued by mentioning that the module recorded less than 1.5% of the clicks pertaining to news stories, and researchers found that people were not much interested in the section. [Read More: Facebook Was Reportedly Scared Of Suppressing Right-Wing Sites]

In fact, Facebook is looking to launch a new section called ‘Today In’ for featuring the latest news stories. Also, they are in the process of introducing a section that will feature live news and the news updates in their Watch product.

Mark Zuckerberg

From the beginning, Facebook’s ‘Trending’ section has been controversial. They were reports stating that the module was featuring fake news. Also, in the year 2016, Gizmodo found the Facebook’s employees did not post the news that was considered to be conservative. As a retort, Facebook said that they were looking to automate the ‘Trending News’ section and dismiss the guilty parties. [Read More: 16 Cheaters Exposed On Facebook]

On the blog post, Hardiman also posted that Facebook has studied the way people are relying on News videos and their mobiles for getting their daily dose of news briefings.

On Friday, the module looked like this:

Facebook Trend

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