Frank Vincent Passes Away

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Born on April 5, 1937, and died on September 13, 2017 – Frank Vincent was a highly respected American actor amongst the film fraternity. Some sources believed him to be born in the year 1939, but others reveal that he was born in 1937 and had lied about his age for avoiding discrimination. He was 80 years oil and passed away due to complications arising during his open heart surgery in New Jersey. A week prior to his death, he had a heart attack.


His birthplace was North Adams, Massachusetts, but he grew up in New Jersey. His father, an amateur actor, introduced him to Hollywood at a young age. His career in the movies spanned over 41 years.

Apart from movies, his other interests included music and writing. He wrote a book titled ‘A Guy’s Guide to Being a Man’s Man’ that was published in 2006.

His family members included his 2 brothers, Jimmy and Nick. He also had a half-sister called Fran. In 1970, he got married for the second time and his wife’s name is Kathleen. He is survived by her and their three children.

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Some of his famous movies that he had roles in were ‘Sopranos’ and ‘Goodfellas’. The first movie that he starred in was ‘the Death Collector’ that released in the year 1975. One of his co-actors in the film was ‘Joe Pesci’. After seeing this film, apparently, Robert Di Niro suggested to Martin Scorcese for considering ‘Frank Vincent’ and ‘Joe Pesci’ for roles in the director’s upcoming films.

He was among one of director Martin Scorcese’s favorites, who cast him in his movies such as the ‘Raging Bull’, ‘Goodfellas’, ‘Casino’ that released in the years 1980, 1990 and 1995 respectively. The latter two had Robert De Niro as his co-actor.

Martin Scorcese considered him for a supporting role in the ‘Raging Bull’. Here again, he was paired with ‘Joe Pesci’ and starred for the first time along with actor ‘Robert De Niro’.

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He was also extremely popular for his role as ‘Billy Batts’ in Goodfellas’ under Scorcese’s direction that released in the year 1990. He was remembered for his notorious line ‘Go Home and Get Your Shine Box’. After this movie, he was typecast as a gangster in his later films.

He also excelled in his role in the US television serial ‘The Sopranos’ where he depicted the role of the nemesis of Tony Sopranos. He was playing mob leader Phil Leotardo.

Amongst his other films, he starred as the chief protagonist in ‘Chicago Overcoat’ in the year 2009.

He is also known to have acted in films such as ‘Jungle Fever’ (1991) and ‘Do The Right Thing’ (1989) that belonged to the Spike Lee genre.

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The ‘Killogy’ series (2013) are also part of the actor’s filmography that won several awards in the Horror and Comics category. The series was also adapted into 3D animated videos and had the original actors contributing their voices.

He has also done voiceovers for the video game ‘‘Grand Theft Auto III’ where he played Salvatore Leone – the Mafia head. Also, in ‘Shark Tale’ he lent his voice as the ‘white shark’.

He seemed to have idolized ‘Dean Martin’.

Several of his friends, well-wishers, and co-actors paid a tribute to the legendary actor.


The film community is mourning the loss of Frank Vincent along with the actor’s fans and family. All we can hope is for the great man to Rest In Peace (RIP)!

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