Gaining a Blemish-free Butt

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A glowing complexion is a symbol of a woman’s beauty. For getting a skin glow, you must take steps to get rid of the scars and blemishes perceived on the surface of the skin. Along with the face, there is another part of the body that requires attention and that is the bum. Women love to flaunt big butts and they make all efforts to achieve a voluminous derriere.

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They can attract the male population in hordes if their buttocks are well-rounded. In addition to having a large-sized butt, they should also take steps to clear any marks that develop on the buttocks for achieving the desired results. They should consider using a micro needle derma roller for addressing scars or dimples on the skin.

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These skin care tools are also effective for heightening the production of the skin protein called collagen and revitalizing the bodily cells. You can smoothen the texture of your butt with its application.

The derma rollers also help the skin to absorb the moisturizing creams applied on the body more efficiently. This is achieved by creating new micro channels for higher absorption of the ointments.

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Of course, the skin laps up the creams even without applying a roller, but these mechanisms can facilitate the process. Another argument in the favor of these skin products is the fact that they are easy to use. Apply them on the skin for few minutes for shiny, smooth skin.

Needles have to be fitted into the derma rollers; the length of the needles parts varies according to the thickness of the bodily portions where they are applied. Thin needles are advised for the face: thick varieties should be applied on the buttocks.

It is normal to experience some level of discomfort when using the derma roller during the initial stages. You must adopt a precautionary approach when choosing the needle size for mounting in the derma rollers. The face is delicate so a 0.5 mm long needle is suitable for the facial portions. Needles that are 1.0 or 1.5 mm in length should be considered for use on the buttocks. Always opt for short length varieties when you have to choose between 1.0 or 1.5 mm long to be on the safer side.

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You must also never use needles that are longer than 2.0 mm during self-treatment because it can harm the skin.

The lengthy needle varieties are ideal for treating deep skin scars. You can use the 1.5 mm long needles for eliminating these blemishes. The application of a numbing solution is also advised when using derma rollers fitted with long needles for getting rid of these blemishes. Use antiseptic liquids as numbing agents because they can soothe the skin.

The time taken for the needling procedures to work their magic is dependent on the scars. If the scars are deep, it may take around 10-12 months to clear them when the derma rollers are used on a regular basis. The treatment of wrinkles and stretch marks take a relatively shorter duration for their elimination such as 3-6 months.


As we conclude, we advise the novices to use needles that are 0.5 mm long at the start and only after a certain level of comfort are reached; the application of the long needle varieties should be pursued.

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