General Problems with First Experience of Sex

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Sexual disappointment or sexual frigidity whether it is in women or men is a common problem. When you’re a first timer, it’s even more difficult.

When you’re the early part of your sex life, understanding each other more and discuss your feelings about sex or getting your sex life better is a key thing. Try to discover what you like about touching and get to know your bodies.

Feelings About Sex

There are some problems when you’re the first timer. The following common problems may arise: 

Not Getting Orgasm

  • Most females and males find it difficult in having an orgasm when they are experiencing sex for the first time.
  • This may be due to the inexperience of male or female partner or both of them, not knowing enough of touching and pleasing, nervousness or too much worrying about the relationship or about possible consequences like pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or your relationship with the family.

Feelings About Sex

Cuming Too Early

  • Ejaculating or cuming too early is a common problem in all first-timers or fear for guys. The truth is that there’s no problem. It happens today, it doesn’t mean it will always happen.
  • Nervousness in some guys can cause to lose their erection or not having a good orgasm and for others, they lose control in the excitement and cum too early or fast.
  • No need to feel tensed if you and your partner cuming too early. It helps partners to work with each other, discuss with each other and try to build confidence and trust.

Feelings About Sex

Losing the Erection

  • Finding difficulty in holding on to the erection or reaching orgasm for a male partner is not unusual. Being nervous and the pressure of performing on the bed can make a guy lose his confidence or mood.
  • More the pressure on the guy to perform, the higher the chance of either he will lose the erection or ejaculate faster.
  • To keep the pressure away, the guys should involve each other in other activities, such as massage and touching. Don’t try some rough activities such as cock rings or penis lotions without consulting the doctor.

Feelings About Sex

Painful Vaginal Sex

  • Many of us feel that sex for the first time can be painful, particularly for a female. But that can be avoided.
  • If you’re finding sex painful, consult the doctor or a sexologist. Your doctor can give you helpful advice.
  • If you’re a minor and prefer not to share your privacy, consult your doctor and keep your discussion confidential.

The causes may be following:

  • Not Enough Lubrication at the vaginal region or Burning Sensation Experienced During Sex
  • Hitting the Cervix: Cramping During Sex
  • Painful while Penetrating: Finding the Vagina is too tight

Cramps in Vagina occur or fear for sex can create cramps in the vagina. To avoid it just slow it down the thrust or talk to your partner patiently.

Painful Anal Sex 

  • Penis- to-anus sex can be very painful if there’s not enough lubrication. It can damage the colon if both the partners are cautious.
  • If you’re going for anus sex, make sure you have enough lubrication to avoid tearing of the colon and possible damage.

You need to consult sexologists what type of lubrication would be ideal for you.


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