Getting Over Breakups

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Breakups between couples are painful for both the involved parties. Normally, women are given a bad rap for being crazy and irrational after the relationship falls apart. However, have you ever wondered how guys get over a break-up? Some experts opine that it is dependent on the nature of the relationship that the duo shared, the way things ended between them and the impact that the breakup had on the man.

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Emotional eaters are seen indulging in binge eating. They load up on chocolates, fatty foods, ice creams, candies, and sweets.

Some men hit the gym with a vengeance and are seen running on the treadmill at a fast pace; they could also buy gym equipment for working out at home to release your pent-up emotions.

There is no particular way of a guy getting over his ex-girlfriend, but there are varied methods in which he may choose to deal with his distress and these are seen in the below-listed details.


A bitter-sweet truth about dating is that at some point or another, most men have either been a rebounder or rebounder. They get into another relationship for filling the void that was left by their ex.

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Nevertheless, the experts do not advise men to go on the rebound as it backfires and they tend to miss their exes much more. Instead, they recommend that they sift through their personal issues and try to analyze what went wrong in the previous relationship and make a fresh start.

If a man enters a relationship on the rebound, you can be sure that it will not be a successful one and their new association will end soon enough.

Go Crazy

Many men are known to get angry when they are dumped by their women. They also have a tendency of washing their dirty linen in public and going to the extent of slut-shaming the woman. If a man indulges in such acts, it is possible that he is having psychological issues.

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In such cases, they must seek the help of a counselor at the earliest. Remember if you are not able to control this negative behavior, it could affect all your relationships. For this reason, we suggest you enroll for counseling sessions to resolve any underlying issues that have been left unsettled and start life afresh.

Complete Shut Down

In some cases, break-ups can cause the pendulum to swing in the opposite direction. It is possible that some men stop dating altogether and submerge themselves totally in their work to distract themselves from the pain.

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According to the experts, they do not see anything wrong with following this strategy but warn that if the man continues with this kind of behavior it is unhealthy. Also, the possibility of them hooking up with somebody new in the future seems to be unlikely.

Going Overboard

At times, it has also been perceived that men post-breakup are drawn to engage in casual sex with several other women for keeping themselves distracted or trying to dull their emotions. In all likelihood, they could also become vulnerable and others may find it easy to take advantage of them.

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The experts opine that the problem lies in the general perception that expressing feelings is not considered masculine due to which men are not taught how to process their emotions. As a result, they may never be able to maintain a relationship for long.


As we conclude, we suggest that you maintain a balanced approach after your break-up with your girl. It helps to be optimistic by telling yourself that something better will come along. And you can be assured that somebody will surely enter your life soon enough and drive away the blues in a whiff.


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