Going Sockless Adversely Affects Your Foot Health, Experts Opine

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Are you a fan of the sockless look? Have you been inspired by the ‘bare ankle’ style that is seen on catwalks? Are you keen on making a fashionable statement like celebs such as Orlando Bloom, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling who are adorning the adorning the ‘sockless’ appearance during casual and formal outings? Well, if you have answered Yes to the above questions, you should be warned that there is the risk of catching fungal infections if choosing to go sockless on a regular basis.

Mens Street Style Sockless
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At times, we tend to not wear socks; however, not wearing socks with shoes on a frequent basis can give birth to fungal infectivity like Athlete’s foot.

Varied research studies are indicating a rise in the cases of foot-linked issues amongst the male population. One of the reasons for these problems is because more and more people are adopting the ‘sockless’ trend. Furthermore, poor-quality footwear also seems to be a contributing factor towards foot-related disorders in men. This fact has been corroborated by the health specialists who have stated that many men are approaching them for treating foot-linked problems arising due to ill-fitting footwear and not only the sockless ones.

You must bear in mind that the amount of sweat on the feet has a role to play in giving rise to fungal infections. Fungal elements thrive in moist environments and can multiply and cause infections such as Athlete’s foot. Alternatively, if you wear socks, they absorb the sweat and restrict the growth of infections.

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The experts are of the opinion that our feet sweat up to half a pint in a day that pours straight into your shoes if you fail to wear socks.

Research is still underway to establish the full impact of this phenomenon. However, a combination of poor-fitting footwear, excessive sweating, and going sockless are known to be ideal conditions for multiplication of the microbial elements and resulting in painful as well as smelly feet.

The shoes that are available at stores are leather-based but they are underlined with synthetic materials that are not breathable. As a result, bacteria, moisture, and heat become trapped within the shoes. Additionally, the new trends of wearing slip-on and pointed men’s shoes seem to be posing a problem. This is because it is common to go sockless when adopting these fashion modes.

Image Credits: www2.pictures.zimbio.com
Image Credits: www2.pictures.zimbio.com

The experts are also stating that wearing such shoes causes friction in the foot portions such as the heels and toes, thereby, heightening the risk of bone-related disorders and ingrown toenails.

Similarly, slip-ons require the clawing of the toes when adorning them due to which there could be higher friction towards the back of the foot because of the slipping in an out of the leg.

Nevertheless, if you fancy the sockless look, there are a couple of things to do for avoiding any problems.

  • Use an antiperspirant spray before wearing your shoes
  • Keep shoes to dry after returning home
  • Place dried tea bags in shoes for absorbing the excess moisture
  • Ensure to dry your feet completely after going sockless
  • Avoid ill-fitting and poor-quality footwear
  • Try not wearing the same pair of shoes every day

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