Habits of a Stylish Man

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Everyone wants to look stylish that is something to look fashionable, elegant or sophisticated.

Nobody is born stylish. As we grow with time, we adopt few habits that take us to become stylish.

We have listed out few habits below:

  1. Looking Confident whatever they wear

 Confidence is the key element to look good. If you have just purchased an ordinary suit from the local market, how do you feel wearing it?

A stylish man always gives priority to comfort to look good. If he doesn’t feel comfortable the clothes he wears, it will show.

He knows who he is; he understands what suits him the best and feels comfortable with his attire.




  1. He fits to everything he wears

 Fitting is fundamental to good style. No matter how much you pay for ill-fitting clothing, it can never match up to well-matching clothing.

A stylish man is a perfectionist in terms of clothing they put on, making sure the trouser break falls perfectly on shirt cuffs end precisely in the right position.

They understand the theory of how clothing should fit and they follow that theory.


fits to everything he wears

  1. They give priority to quality over money

 They never hesitate to invest in quality garments and timeless style.

A well-manufactured $200 sports jacket is bound to last longer than a badly made sports jacket of $40.

There’s great deal of difference between Merino Wool and Cashmere.

 give priority to quality over money


  1. Never Obsessed with Brands

 You would never find an elegant looking stylish man is hardly obsessed with a particular brand of clothing.

They understand his favorite brand and they use for essential occasions which may appear new to masses

Just because you go for to a popular store like Armani and purchased a stylish t-shirt doesn’t make you look stylish.


Never Obsessed with Brands

  1. His Wardrobe Is Organized

 Have you ever found a stylish man’s wardrobe look cluttered? Does look out of place?

A stylish man keeps his wardrobe organized; everything is right in his place and finds the habit of “Less is more”.

His Wardrobe Is Organized


  1. He never brags out how good he looks

 Have ever found anybody to say how good he looks in a particular shirt?
A stylish man feels confident that his style is better than anybody else and makes him to stay stand out.

There’s no room for arrogance.

  1. There’s no need to give out Style Advice

A stylish man is generally modest and there is no need to give out style advice to others.

He advises something only when he is asked by people to give some tips.


no need to give out Style Advice

  1. He Pays Attention to Finer Details

 A stylish man is a perfectionist and understands the importance of finer details.

He gives importance to the fabric, the colors, the accessories, the fit, the tie knot, the pocket square fold, the shirt sleeve rolls etc….. [Read: Need some men’s grooming hacks? Here are 7 of them! ]


Pays Attention to Finer Details

  1. Looks After his Clothes Well

 Ironing is for women? Try Telling a Stylish Man that..

A single crease can put the entire shirt in bad light; a stain will affect the whole outfit.

A stylish man knows how to wash and dry their clothes.

Looks After his Clothes Well


  1. Knows better to be overdressed than underdressed

 Last thing, they feel it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

You never know who you’re going to meet.

May be a business partner, an old friend or even your future wife?  So it’s better to be overdressed.

Style should be effortless.

better to be overdressed than underdressed

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