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Are you a movie lover? Do you watch motion pictures online frequently? If yes, then there is good news for you. Recently, to be precise on Oct 12, 2017, the Movies Anywhere service was launched. If downloading or streaming movies is what you do on a regular basis, then you may be interested to learn that by signing up with Movies Anywhere, the films you purchase are viewable on varied platforms.

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Presently, only 4 online-based movie vendors namely Vudu, Amazon, Apple iTunes, and Google Play have joined the bandwagon. By availing the Movies Anywhere service, your online movies are viewable on any of these 4 accounts. All you need to do is to link your Movies Anywhere account with the others after which the movies will appear in each of the services.

You can think of it as a digital bridge that connects these 4 vendors. The studios that are backing this scheme include Fox, Sony, Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal. As a result, notwithstanding where you may have purchased the movies, the films that are produced by these studios are displayed in the Movies Anywhere app. Furthermore, those films will be shown in each of the platforms after you link them to your Movies Anywhere account.

Movies Anywhere
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To give you an example, suppose you have purchased a movie produced by Warner Bros through iTunes, you can watch the flick on GooglePlay, Vudu and Amazon apps after you have connected the accounts to the Movies Anywhere one. Also, you can watch them on the Movies Anywhere app. Therefore, movies that you buy from iPhone are accessible on non-Apple gadgets such as Roku players as well as Android phones for the first time ever and without having to bear the burden of additional costs.

Some studios that are holding out, for now, are Lionsgate, Paramount, and MGM/ UA.  Movies Anywhere is an open-end platform and the studios are scheduled to join later. After they are granted licenses, they will come on board.

You must note that movies cannot be purchased through the Movies Anywhere app. If you happen to click the ‘Buy’ option, the vendors from which the movies are purchasable are seen popping up.

As a bonus for linking your Movies Anywhere account to any two of the enrolled vendors, you will receive 5 movies for free including ‘Ice Age’, ‘Ghostbusters’ (released in 2016), Big Hero 6’, ‘Jason Bourne’ and ‘the Lego Movies’. These cannot be substituted with other flicks.

The Movies Anywhere app can be availed from devices like Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, iPhones, iPads, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Android ones. It also works on major web services such as Macs and Windows.

Movies Anywhere app
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Only US residents and those above the age of 13 years are able to access the Movies Anywhere app. However, after the users have registered from a US IP address, they can view the movies anywhere around the world.

You are also able to download the movies on your device for offline viewing, but there is a cap on the number of movies that are downloadable in a year.

Movies Anywhere is not different from Disney Movies Anywhere, which was launched in the year 2014; they both work on the same back-end know-how. However, Disney Movies Anywhere has expanded and includes non-Disney flicks as well.

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