Have You Serviced Your Car Tires Lately?

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Do you know that by regularly servicing your car tires, you can increase the lifespan of your automobile? Also, the maintenance measures are important for your safety. However, you must know that as part of your tire services, there are several aspects to consider.

Refer to the below-listed details to learn about some factors to consider as part of your tire maintenance efforts.

  • Tire Balancing

You must ensure that your vehicle tires are balanced correctly. This helps for the weight of the automobile to be distributed evenly and thus, the wheels do not wear unevenly. Otherwise, the tires will wear disproportionately. Moreover, if the tires are unbalanced, you will have to cough up more money on repair works. Hence, we suggest you make sure that your car wheels are balanced to save on costs. [Read More: Repairing Your Automobile At Home]

  • Tire Rotation

You may be surprised to know that rotating your tires regularly is required too. Well, by doing so, the parts wear evenly. Also, by rotating the tires to different positions, you can increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Wondering how? Well, did you know that the rear tires bear the majority of the vehicles’ weight and in turn, they tend to wear out at twice the rate of the front ones? But, by rotating the tires, the wheels will wear uniformly. [Read More: Attention! Solo Travelers, 11 Handy Tips For Your Expeditions]

Normally, the time period after which the tires should be rotated is stated in the owner’s manual. Yet, if this crucial piece of information is not mentioned, then rotate the wheels every 10,000 kms or so.

There are 4 types of tire rotation:

  1. Cross rotation
  2. Tire rotation
  3. Wheel drive
  4. Straight rotation

  • Tire Alignment

Another important aspect pertaining to tire service is wheel alignment. When you do so, the car functions optimally; also, your safety is assured. The other perks of tire alignment are that the wheels will not wear prematurely; also, your automobile does not vibrate. Moreover, there are fuel-saving benefits of doing so.  [Read More: Are You In Need Of A Car Vacuum Cleaner? – Consider These 7 Factors]

Conversely, if you do not align your car wheels, there is a possibility that the vehicle vibrates when driving at a rapid pace.

  • Tire Cleaning

If you want to increase the lifespan of your automobile tires, then cleaning the wheels, often, is imperative. This is because foreign substances tend to stick the tires and cause the car components and vehicle to wear out. On the other hand, by clearing the tires, these problems are avoided. Clean your car wheels using soap and water for the best results. [Read More: 9 Must-Have Car Accessories That You Must Consider Installing]

Tire Cleaning

  • Tire Pressure

Maintaining tire pressure is a crucial aspect of your tire maintenance measures. Keep in mind that if your car tires are inflated correctly, the auto parts do not get damaged; and also, the automobile does not go out of control.

Both overinflation and underinflation are never advisable. Overinflation can cause stiffness; also, the vehicle vibrates. Alternately, low tire pressure causes higher fuel consumption and in turn, there is greater burden on your expenses.

Regularly, the pressure of your car’s tires must be checked. Also, be sure to never check tire pressure when the vehicle is heated because you will not get an accurate reading then.

Consider reading the owner’s manual to know about correct tire pressure of your vehicle.

Tire Pressure

  • Fix Tire Punctures

Many times, people do not repair their car tires. Also, the tire punctures are not repaired and only plugged in some cases. But, you risk your life by doing so. Moreover, your tires may need to be replaced if you only plug the holes. Yet, tire punctures are easily repairable if the hole is less than 0.635 in diameter.

Furthermore, when repairing the punctures, you must gauge the degree of internal damage and then, take steps accordingly. You can visit a car service station for checking the tires if unable to do so alone. Bear in mind that you must not continue driving your vehicles in cases of tire punctures or there could be additional vehicle damage.

Fix Tire Punctures


To assure your safety, be sure to regularly service your automobile tires. Also, by doing the needful, you can save on expenses, pertaining to your car repairs, due to less amount of wear and tear of your vehicle.


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