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If you have never explored the Mediterranean islands, a visit to Corsica during your upcoming holidays should be on our must-do list of things. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea and one of 18 French regions, the beautiful island of Corsica lies in the Southeastern district of France and Westside of Italy.

island of Corsica
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A series of mountains comprise 2/3rds of the island and is a distinctive feature of this popular tourist attraction. After islands of Sicily, Sardinia, and Cyprus – Corsica is the fourth largest Mediterranean island. The isle is also recognized as one of the pearls of the Mediterranean Sea because of its breathtaking scenery.

The 2 regions that divide Corsica comprise of Upper Corsica and South Corsica. Some cities in the bewitching island of Corsica are Porto Vecchio, Calvi, Saint Florent, and Bastia – to list a few.

It has also been proclaimed as an ‘Island of Beauty’ as its backdrop contains a mix of mountains and sea.

There are various activities such as hiking, and sailing that you can indulge in during your stopover at the isle. During August, the number of tourists doubles at the location and it would be wise to make your bookings much in advance if you want to avail the best resources.

corsica beach
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The official language of Corsica is French but Corsican is the native language. In some areas, people speak Italian as well.

Corsica is also famous for its beaches; and during the summer months, there are numerous water-based activities such as snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing, kite-surfing and sunbathing that you can engage in. You can also opt for Scuba diving at some Corsican beaches, primarily in the major towns.

Scuba diving
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If you are planning to go on sightseeing expeditions for exploring the various Corsican cities, you are advised to avoid the cloudy days; instead, head towards the mountains or meals at villages or walking trails – better to avoid the centers in such weather.

The best way to go around Corsica is through renting a car. Sadly, the public transportation is not very efficient. The major Corsican cities are connected only through 3 train lines. Traveling by bus is also an option that can be availed for exploring the locale.

One of the best ways to enjoy the lovely sights of the Corsican island is through walking trails – the most popular being the GR20. Some other trails that may interest you are Mare e Mare (Sea to Sea) trails and the Mare e Monti ones (Sea and Mountain).

Island walking trails
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One of the Corsican tourist spots that you must consider visiting is the ancestral home of Napoleon called ‘Maison Bonaparte’ that has been converted into a museum. In the year 1769, Napoleon took birth in Ajaccio – the capital of Corsica.

National Napoleonic Museum
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Additionally, be sure to visit the handicraft shops where they are directing their efforts towards the revival of the ancient arts such as basket-weaving, glass-blowing, stoneware, knife-making, and pottery. The island is also popular for its leather goods and lip-smacking cheeses.

As part of Corsican fare, you are served figatellu, coppa, lonzu, ham, and pig-based or boar-based saucisson.

You can heave a sigh of relief as Corsica is considered safe for tourists. Organized crime is prevalent but they do not trouble the wayfarers.

Corsica is great for unwinding if you are looking for a break from the usual daily routine. Its scenic beauty helps to rejuvenate your mind and body. We wish you a pleasant journey!

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