How to spice your love life after 10 years of marriage?

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“True love doesn’t happen instantly or in the air; it’s an ever-growing process.”

It blossoms after going through many ups and downs, when suffering together, cried together, laughed together.

But there are some questions are always with love those are:

Does he love me? Does he really love me?  Will I be enough for this person? Will she stop wanting me someday? Is he as amazing as he seems?

People often wonder about their love life before marriage and after marriage!! Of course, there are a lot of ups and downs in love relationship. Sometimes people find it really difficult in maintaining the same kind of romance after years of marriage. If that happens, all kinds of problems appear in their relationship and give rise to extra-marital affairs, quarrels, separations, and divorce. So maintaining the same kind of bonding and aura are real change.

Always believe that there’s a kind of lovemaking prior marriage and after 10 years of marriage. When you’re married for 10 years or more, a whole new kind of romance takes over. The questions like “will he or she love me? Does he or she actually hate me?” go away. Long-married romance is not about watching someone’s every move like a stalker. It’s about looking for proof whether he or she loves me the same way what he or she used to be before marriage.

Remember, marriage is like wine. If it nursed properly, it gets better with age. Because old is better. But do you think all marriages are perfect or do we really need to make the extra effort and keep the romance intact and delightful? In a perfect world, couples would still find themselves in the everlasting and close bonding and love. When it comes to day-to-day life, it’s never easy; we do have social obligations, duties to perform and careers that can be boring or exhaustive at times and so on.

In this “Cat and Mouse” race you forget to give your partner 3 A’s; Appreciation, Affection & Attention. Don’t allow the intricacies of life to come in between you and your loved one.

There are few tips to spice up your relationship and keep the romance flowing even after years of marriage:

Display some gestures of Love

Express some gestures of love for your partner even if they are small and try to make her or him understand how much you love. For example, leaving some love message on the mobile, bringing roses or gifts or taking for a candlelight dinner to keeps the love flowing.

Spending Quality Time

Love is about staying connected with each other from time to time with communicating genuinely. Keep at least 30 minutes for each other exclusively, not about talking problems but for happy moments or making jokes or sharing some lighter moments.

Spice things up

Break the monotony of your routine life by doing some extraordinary things, related to romance. If your partner wants something new or different, try that out to keep the relationship intact and flowing.

Tackle Arguments & Quarrels Patiently

The biggest drawbacks to the romance are arguments, quarrels, stress, and tension that arise between couples time to time for various reasons. Misunderstanding is the major cause of such problems. If you try to understand them patiently and go on solving, the romance even gets better.

Touching Lovingly

Physical intimacy is the most vital part of successful marriages. Kissing, touching and having fun in bed are some of the important factors that increase romance. Making love is an art. If you do it artistically, it becomes a blessing for you.

Romance is different for different people. If you like candlelight dinner and soft music, your partner may want a night filled with romance. So you have to find a middle line between them. If you put partner and romance are first on the list that can serve you the most beautiful way. Therefore, start investing more in your married life, so that your love life gets lovelier even 10 years of marriage or more.

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