It’s Bizarre; 6 Children Narrate Reincarnation Tales

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If you are mesmerized by the tales of reincarnation, let me tell you that you’re not the only one. A significant percentage of us are fascinated by these stories. They have managed to catch our fancy time and again. Moreover, nowadays, reincarnation is increasingly gaining importance amongst the scientific community as well.

Many researchers are claiming that amid the subjects who are recounting their past lives; all of them are children and between the age of 3-6 years. They are able to recall their past lives in addition to giving a vivid description of the series of events, unfolded during their previous births. Also, they seem emotionally inclined during the narration of the sequences of events. However, at the age of 6 or 7, they are found to lose the memories and immerse themselves in their studies whilst preparing themselves for newer adventures of their present births.

Narrate Reincarnation Tales
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We have listed 6 stories of children who recounted their lives in their past births for helping you gain a better perspective on the phenomenon.

  1. Sam Taylor

You can study Sam’s story in the following details.

  • He was born 18 months post his paternal grandfather’s death.
  • When he was 1 year old, he started telling stories of his past life; he believed that he was his grandfather in his previous birth.
  • Apparently, he seemed to have mentioned to his father that he would change his diapers when he was 1.5 years old.
  • Shockingly, he mentioned certain incidences about the family that took them by surprise including details of his grandfather’s sister being killed and his grandmother preparing milkshakes in a food processor for his grandfather during his last days.
  1. The Story of Midwest’s Ryan

Ryan’s story can be found below.

  • At the age of 4, he would get nightmares
  • Told his mother, he was somebody else when he turned 5 years.
  • Would talk about ‘going to Hollywood’; asked his mother to take him there.
  • He narrated stories of meeting Rita Hayworth, dancing in Broadway Productions and being recruited in an agency where people would change their names on a frequent basis.
  • Remembered the street that he lived on during his past life; it had the word ‘Rock’ mentioned on it.
  • His mother, Cyndi, checked some books based on Hollywood at her local library.
  • She showed some books to Ryan for checking if he recalled anything; he pointed at a picture, saying that he was him in his past life.
  • The family contacted a Psychiatrist who did some background study on Ryan’s story.
  • The picture was from the film ‘Night after Night’ and the man was Marty Martyn.
Marty Martyn
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  • Martyn worked in Hollywood films, had danced on Broadway, was employed in an agency where stage names were created for new clients, would travel often to Paris, went on to become a powerful Hollywood agent, lived at 825 North Roxbury Drive at Beverly Hills, and passed away in the year 1964.
  • Ryan could recall several details about Martyn including his children, his 2 sisters and all of his marriages. Additionally, he divulged that Martyn’s wife kept several African-American maids and, surprisingly, he seemed to remember one of them.

3) Chanai Choomalaiwong

The story of Chanai Choomalaiwong is narrated in the below-listed details.

  • The boy hails from Thailand.
  • Recalls being a teacher Named Bua Kai, was shot as he was riding his bike to school.
  • He asked to meet Bua Kai’s parents and knew the name of the couple’s village.
  • Begged his grandmother to take him there; after getting off the bus, he led her to a house where an old couple was living.
  • He recognized the parents of Bua Kai Lawnak, a school teacher who was murdered when on his way to school, five years prior to Chanai’s The parents confirmed the fact about their son being shot from behind.
  • Astonishingly, Chanai has small round wound marks on his head.
  • He was born with 2 birthmarks, one at the back of his head and the second on his forehead.

4)        The case of PM

Scroll down to learn the story of PM.

  • PM’s half-brother, diagnosed with Neuroblastoma after he started limping, had died 12 years prior to PM being born.
  • His brother suffered pathological fracture on left tibia, underwent a biopsy around his ears’ region, was treated with chemotherapy, died when he was 2 years old and was blind in his left eye during his death.
  • He seemed to know about his brother’s story without anybody telling him about it.
  • Astoundingly, PM displayed 3 birthmarks at the time of his birth; they matched the injuries of his left brother.
  • Moreover, he suffered from ‘Corneal Leukoma’ that almost caused blindness in his left eye.
  • When he was old enough to walk, he would limp.
  • At the age of 4.5 years, he asked his mother about returning to their earlier home.

5)        Kendra Carter

Kendra Carter’s reincarnation tale is as follows.

  • She developed an emotional bond with her swimming coach at the age of 4 years when she enrolled in swimming lessons.
  • She told her mother that her coach’s baby had died; apparently, the coach was not feeling well and shoved her baby out.
  • On her mother quizzing her about how she knew this fact, Kendra answered that she was her coach’s baby in her former life.
  • Kendra also gave a description of the abortion.
  • Indeed, the coach had aborted a baby 9 years before; the mother found out later.
  • Kendra would spend a lot of time with the coach, at first. At a later stage, there was a fall-out between the coach and Kendra’s family.
  • Thereafter, Kendra underwent depression.
  • It was only later that the coach reestablished little contact after which Kendra started engaging in normal activities.

6)        James Leininger

You can know about the reincarnation story of James Leininger by studying the following details.

  • James is a 4-year old boy, hailing from Louisiana.
  • He disclosed the fact that he was a pilot in his earlier life; he was shot at Jima Island that was captured by the United States in 1945.
  • He would get nightmares and talk about airplane crashes and planes on fire; also, he recalled the WWII aircraft.
  • He was well-acquainted with aircraft details; he corrected his mother when she called an object at the bottom part of a plane a ‘bomb’ and said it was a ‘drop tank’.
  • According to him, he flew off a ship called Natoma, which was later discovered to be a WW11 aircraft carrier ( USS Natoma Bay).
  • The Leiningers checked with the authorities and learned about a pilot James Huston who was killed during warfare over the Pacific Ocean.
  • James’ name in his previous birth had also been James.
  • Other facts that James revealed about his past life were also corroborated by his father and researchers.


On a concluding note, it can be said that reincarnation is mystifying to us humans. Nevertheless, some experts are of the opinion that souls have a choice whether they want to enter a physical body or remain in the cosmic world. Also, they have the option of being born on other planets. However, they seem to forget their past experiences when they enter a human body. Many continue to believe that souls have a wide choice of options and they can choose the lessons they want to learn for entering the subsequent level.


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