It’s Snowing: Try these 10 Fun Activities

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The winters are loved by all. The climate gets colder, as it should of course. However, the best part of this time of the year is that the colder regions experience snowfall. You may be headed to the snowy mountaintops for your winter vacation with your family in tow. Also, it could be snowing in your backyard. Whatever may be the case; there are several activities that you can indulge in during snowfall.

Playing in the snow can be fun for both children and adults. It is a great way of beating stress and reliving your childhood years. Additionally, it can be refreshing for your mind, body, and soul. So gather your kids as well as other family members and also ask your friends and their children to join in the revelry.

Some fun snow activities are seen below:


It is easy to make a sled and glide through the snow. All you need are cardboard boxes to create a sled and you are ready to go. However, keep a watch for other sliders to avoid accidents.

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2. Erect a Snowman

Take the help of some friends and build a snowman. You can make balls from snow, big and small ones. Use rocks for the eyes and twigs for the hands. Also, do not forget to adorn a hat on your snowman and wrap a scarf around. Other items for decorating your snowman can be gummies, licorice, beaded necklaces, and lollipops.

Erect a Snowman
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3. Snowball Fight

It can be so much fun to have a snowball fight. You along with your friends can make balls and shoot at each other. All of you can also pick a target and shoot snowballs for target practice.

Snowball Fight
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4. Hula Hoops

Another fun activity that can be pursued in the snow is to organize a hula hoop contest. Gather some hula hoops and your group of friends. The person who lasts the longest should be declared the winner. Trust me, when you are bundled up, it gets difficult.

Hula Hoops
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5. Animal Shapes

You can create animal shapes using snow. Be sure to use bits of nature for decorating your creations as well.

Animal Shapes
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6. Blow Bubbles

When temperatures fall below 30 degrees, you can blow bubbles. They will freeze on your wand and are great fun to watch.

Blow Bubbles
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7. Graffiti

You can make drawings in the snow. You will need some few spray bottles; fill them with water and mix in some food colorings. The entire blanket of snow in your backyard becomes your canvas and you can use your imagination for creating different designs.

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8. Play Tic-Tac

Have you tried playing tic-tac in the snow? If not, then what is stopping you from doing so now? With the help of pinecones and sticks, you and your friend can proceed with this classic game.



Play Tic-Tac
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9. Build Snow Castles

You can make snow castles too. Gather some empty box cartons, loaf pans, and sand buckets. Use your imagination and build some castles in the sand.


Build Snow Castles
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10. Glow Sticks

It can be fun to play in the snow with glow sticks when it becomes dark.

Glow sticks
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There is much to do in the snow. You can dance sing, run, play and jump. It is a great way of spending time with your kids and making happy memories.

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