It’s Your First Date and You Need to Pee – Try These Tactics!

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Oh My God! You are out on your first date with a girl that you have had the hots for since long and there comes that urge to pee. Well, first dates are always special and they serve as tests because depending upon the former experience, the woman will decide if she will see you again or not. However, if you need to pee, putting your best foot forward may not be possible.

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The following pointers may help you in getting out of this tricky situation.

Make Your Excuses

It may be embarrassing to tell your date that you need to pee in the midst of a conversation when seated at a restaurant. In such cases, it will help to make your apologies and say that you need to make an important call on your mobile phone and then do the disappearing act for 10 minutes or so. Nonetheless, be sure to return if you are genuinely interested in seeing her again.

Sometimes, if you both are feeling comfortable in each other’s company, it is advisable to tell her that you need to use the restroom.

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Drink Less Water

If you drink lots of water then it may so happen that you need to dash to the men’s room at intervals. For this reason, it may help to only sip water in small amounts when enjoying your meal with your date at the venue.

Controlling the Urge to Pee

If you have already made one trip to the loo and after some time there is an urge to pee again and you want to control your impulses to urinate as you feel it may spoil your first impression, there are many things that can help to manage your situation albeit only for some time.

Restrain from changing your position often. Try to remain in one position for as long as it does not get awkward.

You may also try to stretch your legs under the table without her knowing about the same.

Some people also suggest that scratching the lower portion of your calf can help in controlling the tendency to urinate.

Another trick that works is by restricting yourself from laughing too hard.

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However, you must be warned that controlling the urge to pee is not a healthy habit. Do not wait for very long. It is better, to be honest with your partner and can also help to enhance the comfort level between the two of you. Also, you are not doing anything wrong. All living beings have to answer nature’s call and it is best to be upfront about it.

You may be pleasantly surprised as she may actually be in favor you expressing yourself. If you did not know this, then learn it now that women love men who do not try too hard, they prefer their man to be themselves and not put on a fake act. In fact, most women do not like men who portray themselves to be cooler than they actually are.


On a concluding note, we advise that you must never attempt to control your tendency to pee as much as possible. First dates and making the best impression are all fine but not at the cost of your health. Moreover, you do not want your partner to be somebody who is unreasonable and whimsical if she cannot understand that answering nature’s call is what humans do.


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