Kiss like a pro: Three styles you need to master

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What’s the big deal about kissing, you ask? Well, certain situations call for slight variations in your puckering delivery. Here’s how you can have him spellbound with these four customised kisses that will ensure a longer innings in bed, or even a quickie, if you are running late for work.

Superhero kiss: Remember when Spiderman (Tobey Maguire) kissed Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) hanging upside down? No, we aren’t suggesting that you should climb down some pipes and risk your life for an award-winning kiss. But there is no harm in channelling the inner superhero in you. This kiss is meant for those lazy weekends at home when he is simply relaxing on the couch. Walk up to him from behind, let your finger-grazing-his-neck action get his attention, and before he turns all the way around, gently grab his face and reverse-lip kiss him. Don’t be surprised if his energy levels shoot up suddenly.

 Superhero kiss
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Have-him-at-hello kiss:
It has been a while since you last saw your partner. Maybe one of you was on a business trip or your crazy work schedules haven’t provided you with the time to truly be with each other. The next time you meet, here’s how to direct all the pent-up love towards him. Let your gaze linger on him for just a second longer to get his heartbeat racing and press you body up against him. Then, keeping your tongue firmly in cheek, smooch him hard and tight and whisper a husky, ‘Hi, babe. I’ve missed you.’ That’s a hello he will be craving to hear every minute.

Hot, movie-like make-out kiss:
Admit it, you have always wondered how movie stars don’t end up slobbering all over each other during one of those passionate tongue kiss moments. How can it be so perfect?! This is for those days when you know you want to devour him whole and want to show him just what you mean. Take his hand and place it on your waist, while your hand roams freely up his body. Then lean back ever so slowly so that the already generated adrenaline rush causes him to pull you closer. Then, take the lead and gently part your lips in invitation. Your man will take the hint and you may have to come up for air after five… or 10 minutes?

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