Learn How To Finger A Girl

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No thought is old school of thought when that is done right.  What’s about “Fingering”? If Fingering is right, it can bring unimaginable amount of ecstasy.
Fingering the vulva can bring mind-blowing orgasm and stimulation to the woman attached to it, once it’s done persistently and rhythmically.
Our fingers are incredibly soft, smooth, sensitive and receptive. They can be an amazing sexual tool, if played in an expert way with labia, clitoris, vagina and all the lusciously sensitive skin between them. But you know how to use them. Follow the below guide:
Fingering the vulva
   1.Knowing  your vulva
Clitoris is the female sexual organ, located at the top of the vulva that is external female genital. The clitoris is highly sensitive zone that contains almost 8,000 nerve endings. During sexual arousal, the clitoris becomes larger and firmer due to erection.
We generally give so much attention to the clitoris that we do forget all other luscious parts. Don’t enter inside the clitoris at one go! It can be very painful, irritating and harsh.
So first thing, you should know the anatomy. The vulva consists of the pubic mound, the inner and outer labia, the clitoris, the vaginal opening and the perineum. All of these areas are highly sensitive, sensuous and responsive to sexual touch. If you want to finger these areas of your partner, ask her about her preferences.
Knowing your vulva
     2. Using the Lubrication
The more your subject is smooth, damp and slippery; the touch would be hotter, longer and satisfying. Gone are the days of natural lubrication was enough such as hydration, hormones, medication and stress.  So, use lubrication!
  1. There’s a beginning, middle and end
While creating stimulation in Vulva, it is slow, steady and sensuous. Fingering is never a wham, bam technique or process; rather it is phase wise process such as beginning, middle and end and can take about 15 minutes.
Keep in mind; it’s not a story of jumping into clitoris at once in excitement. It’s about slowly and slowly reeling your attention, going through few twists and turns, getting more intense, in a way making it more exiting for your partner.
Start your play slowly, gently- gentler than you usually do- and gradually increase your speed and intensity as move towards the more sensitive zones. Whatever you’re doing in this process is to encourage blood to your partner’s genital. This increases the arousal and makes her more receptive to intense stimulation and bring closer to the orgasm.
Start your play slowly, gently
  1. You gotta work your way in
Sex is always very delicate and step-by-step process. If it’s done delicately and intelligently, it can be real fun, free from pain.
Just as you build up the intensity, you just work from outside towards the clitoris. Take the clitoris as a sort of bullseye, the centre of target.
Just start stroking and touching the outer edges of that target – the legs, thighs and lower abdomen! Watch your partner’s reaction to such foreplay, if it’s satisfying, then start moving towards the pubic mound, labia and perineum caressing. You can even run your finger over clitoris, but those touches should be light and teasing…
Once your partner becomes more aroused, you can move onto the areas she responds to and enjoy the most, making your touches more rhythmic and consistent. Keep on rubbing your finger back and forth or tracing a circle, watch your partner’s reaction, cues and signals.
  1. Listening to your partner
Listing to your partner’s body language, moans, stimulations, signals and sensations are vital to the sexual arousal, sexual intercourse and foreplay. That can guide you the best what can be done to please your partner.
There are some signs in your partner than you have to notice like breathing, moaning and writhes. Breathing gets louder or intense, moaning can be spontaneous and smooth, that means your act is on right track.
No sex tip in this world is better than listening to your partner’s responses, stimulations and erotic cues, so listen to her.
the centre of target
  1. Use persistent, rhythmic stimulation
There are times when your partner gets overtly excited at the hit of the moment. Looking at such things we eventually turn to something different to make her feel better and match up to her excitement. Hold on! Persistent and rhythmic stimulation is key to successful fingering. If the speed and pressure are working, keep on moving that way until your partner asks for more.
  1. Penetration is optional
Some people love to have a little penetration. But you need to wait until your partner is warmed and pumped up. Ask your partner whether it’s ok to slip a finger or two inside it.
Some people love to do circular, swirling motion inside the vagina to stir up the sensitive areas around the opening of the vagina.
Some like G-spot stimulation, the spongy area of tissue inside the front wall of the vagina that swells during arousal). There are few G-spot techniques that can be tried, the most common being “come-hither” motion using a finger or two against the front wall of the vagina.
Slipping your fingers back& forth and caressing the G-spot. Repeat.
Use the rest of your hand to caress and massage the clitoris and labia while your fingers move rhythmically in and out.
Never forget to check with your partner how it feels whatever you are doing. It is a collaborative effort to get ultimate pleasure.
stirs up the sensitive area
  1. The grand finale
As your partner is nearing for orgasm, her breathing gets faster, body gets tensed up, her noise and moaning gets even louder, your job is to maintain the focus. You may be stimulating the clitoris, if your partner is really excited and hot at this point that stimulation can be pretty rough and intense. Just hold on to that rhythm and touch that’s working for your partner, and go on checking what she needs!
Sometimes, some extra effort is needed. You may kiss her intensely or passionately, looking at her deep in the eye or running your hands across their neck. You could also let her know just how it feels to get aroused. Sex is best when it engages the body and mind fully. Helping your partner to get tuned up her body and mind for intercourse is really exciting.
  1. Get to know your partner’s quirks
If you’ve noticed few vulvas, they are quite different. Similarly our sexual preferences are also different.
Sex is all about skills and techniques and how well you play those techniques with respect to your partner’s preferences can be real fun and satisfying. Because when it comes to sexual stimulation it varies person to person. Some prefer stimulation on the right whereas other on left side of their clitoris. [Read More: 10 Sex Positions That Practically Guarantee Her Orgasm]
These really sound pretty hot, don’t? If you have the power and desire to make them happen in your fingertips, follow the above skills and relish the beauty of sex.
know your partner’s quirks

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