‘Live Location’ Feature Introduced by WhatsApp – Learn How to Use It

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There is good news for users of WhatsApp – an instant message mobile application having more than 1.3 billion subscribers. A new feature called as ‘Live Location’ will be ready for downloading during the forthcoming weeks. This function allows users to share their current location for a particular duration with their contacts including families and friends. You can avail this feature if you are using iOS or Android smartphones. This feature can also be availed on several platforms such as Google Maps, Messenger, and Telegram. However, it is perceived that there will be a large number of takers for this functionality on WhatsApp as well.


Using the New Feature

You may be wondering about the varied uses of this latest addition. Well, it is useful for catching up with your mates, and letting your closed ones know about your location, in case of any mishaps. There have been cases of people going missing and their families being clueless about their location. However, through this feature, it will be easier to track your current location during such unfortunate incidences.

You have to be willing to share their location and also opt for the duration that you want to be tracked for. Imagine a situation where you have made plans to meet a friend for coffee at a restaurant, you are now enabled to let your mate access your location for 15-20 minutes or so through the ‘Live Location’ option. You can also keep the feature active for an hour if you do not wish to receive regular updates. Keep in mind that the maximum time limit for which users are permitted to share their location details using WhatsApp’s Live Location feature is 8 hours. Presently, the company has not divulged any plans of extending the duration.

If you wish to avail this feature, all you need to do is to tap on the paperclip icon that is seen near the chat box. The location details are shareable with groups or individuals through chats.

You need to check the ‘Account Privacy’ settings if you wish to know the users that can view your live location. Where WhatsApp groups are concerned, if several members are sharing their location, they can be viewed on a map.

After the location details are shared with the other users, they are able to view your location via a thumbnail; the time period for which the information is accessible can also be seen.

If the sender wishes to discontinue sharing their location, they can do so within the chats or by navigating through the ‘Account Privacy’ controls.


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WhatsApp has confirmed that the newest feature contains end-to-end encryption and privacy of the individuals is maintained.

This feature is sure to serve a variety of purposes for WhatsApp users and they may also use it for sharing their location details with their loved ones for safety purposes. Nevertheless, if you have not left home and have lied that you have when heading for a meeting and running late, we suggest you do not avail this option for avoiding getting caught in your web of lies. Apart from that, this feature can prove to be beneficial for the users to a significant extent.

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