Looking to Buy a New Smartphone? – Consider these 10 Aspects

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You must be well-versed with the functionality of smartphones. From clicking pictures to web browsing to storing documents to staying connected with our well-wishers – these gadgets have overtaken our lives literally.

Now if you are in need of a new phone, it is normal to get confused with so many alternatives available. You may find it extremely confusing to select the models that would be best suited to you.

You may need some help when making these decisions and we suggest you ponder upon the following pointers for investing wisely in a new device.

  • Build

The market is flooded with metal-based and plastic-oriented smartphones. You can make your pick from these varieties. Some glass-comprised models are also available; however, their range is limited. But, you must avoid the glass ones if you keep dropping your phone often. Rather you must opt for the metal or plastic types as they do not shatter if dropped from 2-3 feet as compared to the glass models that smash easily when dropped.


  • Display Features

An important consideration before buying a smartphone is that of the display features including its size and resolution. You can choose smartphones that are 5.5–6 inches in size having full-HD if you download, edit, stream or view videos on your phone. On the other hand, if you use your phone for regular activities such as checking mails, chatting, social media and browsing – the 5–5.5 inches with HD or full-HD are suitable. Remember bulky handsets are not convenient to carry due to which we do not advise the 6-inch smartphones.

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  • Processor

Factors such as UI, OS version, and bloatware are determining factors of the processing ability of smartphones. Heavy users are recommended to opt for Snapdragon 820 / 821 or Snapdragon 652 for ease in multi-tasking. The MediaTek processors are suggested for the regular users.

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  • Camera

Apart from megapixels, there are other phone specifications that you must consider when investing in a smartphone. These include autofocus, ISO levels, size of pixels and camera aperture. Casual camera users can choose cameras having 12-16 MP camera with f2.0-f.22 aperture whilst the enthusiasts should look for 12-16 MP camera having f2.0 aperture or lower.

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  • Battery

Depending on your phone’s usage, you can choose handhelds having 3000mAH battery if you are an average user and the 3500mAh or higher batteries for heavy usage.

Image Credits: wirelessrev.ca
  • User Interface / Operating Software

You must take into account the user interface and OS of smartphones prior to confirming your purchase decisions as they determine the functionality of the phones. If you require a smartphone for basic uses, we suggest you make your pick from Android One, Nexus, or Motorola brands.

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Image Credits: tech4globe.com
  • Storage Space

Do you know that when you download apps, they occupy space on your phone? Well, this is true. For this reason, the 64GB – 128GB models are appropriate for users having higher number of apps. Alternatively, the devices having 32 GB storage are ideal for persons with lesser apps.

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  • Security

Some security mechanisms that are inbuilt in smartphones are the Iris and fingerprint sensors. It makes sense to consider these features as we store sensitive data on our phones.

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  • Speakers

You can select from the front-facing or back-facing speakers depending on whether you like video-streaming or not. If you listen to music on your phone regularly, the front-facing variants should be your preference.

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  • USB Ports

Nowadays, the US Type-C ports are being preferred over the micro-USB and 3.5 mm headphone jacks for their easy plug-in features.

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We hope you found the above-listed points useful and will consider them before you set out to buy a new smartphone as and when the need arises.

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