Looking to Maintain Your Beard? Consider These 6 Tips

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Since time immemorial, beards in their different forms have been trending in fashion circles. During earlier times, some military men flaunted their beards for indicating their strength. However, since World War I, the clean-shaven look was adopted by servicemen as they were required for forming a seal when adorning gas masks. Thereafter, if you sported a smoothened face, it was considered to be a symbol of dignity.

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Similar to all fashion trends, old becomes new and it is the same with men’s beards. It is no longer synonymous with army men; instead, it has been adopted by pop stars in the past decades. Men were also seen sporting beards as a counterattack to feminism, albeit in a playful manner.

You sure know that a beard is a reflection of your style and brimming confidence levels. However, do you know that there are several ways of grooming your beard; these are seen in the following details.

  • Choose a Style that Suits You

You must bear in mind that not all beards are suited to all shapes of faces. Therefore, you will need to figure out the style that is best suited to you. In some cases, beards can enhance your facial features; alternatively, they can also bring to the fore particular flaws such as baldness, weakened jaw, thin lips or flabby neck. For this reason, you must take measures to blend all facial aspects including the horizontal and vertical planes.

For striking the right balance between both sides of your face, consider starting from the ear at one end and trimming it till the chin; thereafter, repeat on the other side.

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  • Give importance to Neatness

You must make efforts to groom and maintain your beard if you want all the lovely ladies swooning all over you. Make sure to use a razor on a daily basis for a neat line on the face and neck. Keep in mind that you must run the razor alongside the grain with lukewarm water, and not hot water, and do not go over a portion more than once.

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Be sure to also keep the razor clean. Also, consider replacing the blade after every 4-5 shaves. It is also necessary to maintain your blade and protect the skin for which you must shake off the excess water from the razor for preventing the formation of rust.

  • Do not Forget to Moisturize

You must also make certain to moisturize the skin underneath the beard for preventing the body from producing excessive oil that could result in breakouts. By keeping the skin moisturized, you can defy anti-aging and prevent dryness. Also, consider applying moisturizers cum sunscreens for protecting the skin against the damaging effects of sunlight.

After shaving, take a small amount of moisturizer and rub on the face and skin for keeping the skin hydrated.

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  • Be Sure to Shampoo Also

You can keep your beard clean by shampooing the facial hair with hair shampoo or gentle face washes. Be sure to wash off any soap residue for preventing the skin from becoming dry or flaky. Consider the use of beard oils or balms to tame the unruly hair and imparting a groomed look.

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  • Use the Right Tools

Keep your armory of tools ready at all times for trimming your beard. These must include beard trimmers (if opting for a stubble), scissors (trim the loose hairs every day), combs (for a neat appearance), sharpened tweezers (get rid of the ingrown hairs).

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  • Balanced Diet

Consuming a balanced diet is also vital for restoring the health of your hair including the facial ones. Consider taking multivitamins and omega-3 fats for improving your skin health. Dietary supplements that contain beta-carotene or vitamin-A can also prove to be beneficial for growing healthy hair.

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