Man claims that giving up masturbation gave him ‘super powers’

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PEOPLE always joke that too much masturbating is bad for your health … but this guy’s story might just make you believe it.

A Reddit user called Brohit is part on an online community of men who have sworn off masturbating, reports The Sun.

It’s called the ‘NoFap’ movement, with this guy claiming giving it up for a massive 700 DAYS has completely transformed his life.

“We are all born with an empty void inside of ourselves. All our life we try to fill this void with something or the other,” he wrote.

“It can be anything — religion, spirituality, women, academics, work, porn, tinder, sex, mobile phone, TV, movies, and so on.

“How we fill this void makes us who we are. But this makes me wonder how can all these man-made, artificial things compose our personalities?

“Once I quit fapping, my mind did feel a lot clear and I was at peace more often.

“Yes I was able to feel all those things you call ‘superpowers’ too — sudden increase in confidence, laser sharp focus, more attention from women, easier to find sex, energy boosts, etc.

“However, I don’t like to refer to them as ‘superpowers’ — how do we know these superpowers aren’t just normal human tendencies?”

It’s common for men who join the movement to have sexual problems, sometimes because they’ve got so used to looking at porn.

Brohit believes men’s perspective on women have has been “fogged” by the glorification of sex.

“Now we can only think about sex and what it would be like to sleep with women that have ‘perfect’ bodies,” he said.

“Once we start controlling our sex urges, our mind realises that there’s more to life and this world than just sex and hot women.

“If we can learn proper self-control, we can master anything.”

On top of this, he’s realised his masturbation addiction played into other things too.

He constantly messages people on dating apps and often found himself having “meaningless sex”, explaining that when things didn’t work out he’d feel the blow to his self-esteem and happiness.

He’s 700 days into his challenge and hasn’t looked back.

His comments have gone down a storm with others trying to give up masturbating, with men flocking to comment on the post.

“I just started this great journey to enlightenment and four days in I’m starting to feel better,” one person wrote.

Another said it had restored his faith in humanity, adding: “We are from Earth and because of this we need to help ourselves.”

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