Men, Do You Want to Cure Bad Breath? Here are 5 Tips

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If you smell bad, you can lose out on various opportunities either in love or your career. You may be brushing your teeth or flossing every night, even then you may suffer from bad breath or Halitosis.

Bad Breath
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Some doctors perceive that the build-up of bacteria underneath the gums causes bad breath.

However, you must fret not, there are some easy ways of keeping your breath fresh all day long.

1.Maintain your Dental Routine

It is not enough to gargle with a mouthwash when you are feeling lazy in the morning or after a late night party. Using mouthwash can surely freshen your breath for some hours but it is not effective for neutralizing the bacterial elements.


gargle with a mouthwash
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Only regular brushing and flossing can help in getting rid of the microbes. Remember, if you do not follow a regular dental routine, it can lead to tooth decay and bad breath.



brushing and flossing
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2. Use the Right Toothbrush

There are a variety of options in toothbrushes. However, the soft varieties having numerous bristles are the ones that stand as the best choice. Small heads are able to reach the backend parts of the teeth more easily. Basically, the bristles have to fit beneath the gums and remove the plaque; toothbrushes having soft bristles are suitable for this function.


Right Toothbrush
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3. Opt for Fluoride Toothpastes

It is easy to get confused about the toothpaste that you should choose for maintaining your oral health. However, fluoride toothpastes are a good choice. They help in preventing gum-related disorders and tooth decay. Also, your tooth enamel is strengthened with their use.


fluoride toothpastes
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4. Relish Your Green Veggies

Basil herb helps to fight bad breath. The herb contains polyphenols that effectively counters the bacterial elements. You can chew basil leaves or prepare tea with the herb.

Other green-colored vegetables should also be devoured because they contain chlorophyll. This nutrient cures bad breath because it absorbs the odor-emitting compounds and removes them from the body through bowel movements. As a result, the odors are defused before their secretion.


green-colored vegetables
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5. Tongue Scraper

According to research studies, about 45-70% of the odorous elements thrive on our tongues. Using a scraper is more effective than toothbrushes for getting rid of the bacteria and toxic elements from the tongue. Flossing and brushing can loosen the debris but they may not be able to remove the bacteria. Tongue cleaners are known to perform the job more effectually.

Tongue cleaners
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In the above-mentioned details, we can see that by following some basic simple dental rules, our oral health can be restored. Fresh breath has various other advantages as well; for starters, you can attract the female crowds in hordes. Wink! Wink!

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