Menstrual Leave is hot topic of discussion now-a-days! Justified?

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There’s growing discussion in corporate arena whether it is justified for women to have menstrual leave. As more and more corporate are allowing their women employees to have at least one day of menstrual leave, many women activists, celebrities, and media personalities are very critical about such an idea. Because, in a way, it’s creating an impression in public that women employees are not up to handling the task as men in the professional arena.

Menstrual Leave
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When it comes to menstruation, it is a normal and natural process that occurs to all women and if many are to be believed it’s not problematic for the majority of women. Of course, there are some women who struggle with issues related to their menses, but on average it does not disrupt daily activities and responsibilities of many.

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To offer medical leave on such things might seem very sympathetic but on the ground, it would mark women as being fewer performers compared to men.  American working women have been fighting the battle for “equal pay for equal work” for decades, and such a development would dilute their demand.

Consider a situation, as most women menstruate every month, this would potentially allow women to work to have four or five days of leave per month that amount almost 60 days in one year. In turn, this much of leave would affect their overall remuneration.

allow women to work to have four or five days of leave per month
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At a lay man’s point of view, if someone is to be asked about this, it would be better not to force any women who are not able to work at her periods.


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