Need Some Men’s Grooming Hacks? Here are 7 of them!

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Well, we have to admit that we all love quick fixes, correct? Are you looking to save time on your grooming routine? Well, do not fret, there are simple things that you can do on a daily basis for a new spruced up you. Here are 7 of them.
  1. Styptic Pen
It’s normal to cut yourself during a shave and then use a tissue to stop the bleeding. What if I gave you an easy solution to this problem? Here it is, use a Styptic pen. It helps to curb the bleeding and soothe the skin.


use a Styptic pen
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There, you never need to use tissue paper ever again. All you need to do is apply a styptic balm for taking care of these nicks.
2. Apply Olive Oil
We all suffer from a dry scalp from time to time. You may also be spending a lot of money on moisturizing products, and they surely must be burning a hole in your pocket. An easy way to keep the scalp hydrated is to use olive oil.
Apply Olive Oil
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Apply it over your scalp and after 1-2 hours, you can wash your hair. Your scalp has received its nourishment now!

 3. Coconut Oil & Apple Cider Vinegar

You can save a lot of money on facial washes and moisturizers by applying apple cider vinegar (ACV). Yes, ACV is found to be an effective way of maintaining your skin’s health.

It is so very easy to use ACV. You only need to dilute some ACV in water and pursue washing your face with the mixture. Keep it on the face for some time and then splash water.


Apple Cider Vinegar
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Follow by using a dry clean cloth to wipe the face and then rub some coconut oil for its moisturizing properties, on the face.



Coconut Oil
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Do you not find this a good way of clearing, moisturizing your skin and saving on costs as well?

4. Antiperspirant
Use a good antiperspirant spray for preventing sweating through the night. Use a bit at night and during the day as well. Keeps you fresh and nice-smelling!
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5. Petroleum Jelly


Do you want the smell of your cologne to last longer? Of course, yes. Did you know that by applying a teeny-weeny bit of Vaseline on your neck before spraying the perfume, you can keep yourself smelling good for longer? Seems to be too good to be true right? Try it and surprise yourself!


Vaseline on your neck before spraying the perfume
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6. Activated Charcoal

 Charcoal may be black in color but it sure can keep your teeth shining white. You may also be surprised to learn that several cosmetic products have activated charcoal as their primary ingredient for its wondrous whitening benefits.Want to try it? Only apply a small bit of activated charcoal on your toothbrush, start scrubbing your teeth and rinse your mouth with water afterwards. Voila! Your teeth are shiny white.

activated charcoal on your toothbrush
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7. Replace Shaving Foam with Conditioner

 If shaving foam is not available, use conditioner for shaving. Well, not on a regular basis, but if you do not have shaving foam only then go for the conditioner.However, many men have not gone back to shaving foam after using conditioner because it softens your hair texture. Give it a shot and see for yourself!


Replace Shaving Foam with Conditioner
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 There you go! We have given you 7 hacks that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine and gives your overall appearance an uplift. Try them; you surely will not be disappointed!

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