Neymar Moves From Barcelona to Paris – Here’s The Complete Lowdown

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Neymar – the Brazilian football champion – has moved from Barcelona to join Paris St-Germain’s team.  The25-year old football star’s fee for the transfer is believed to be 222m euros (£200m) for a 4-year contract.

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There is much speculation that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will be signed on next after Neymar. The President of La Liga is adamant on blocking the move. Also, he is demanding an investigation on Financial Fair Play (FFP) grounds from UEFA. He seems to be worried that the Paris team will spend their wealth to have bigger players on board their team. He is emphasizing on institutions such as EU and UEFA to conduct investigations because he does not seem to be convinced of fair play.

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Neymar’s father is the star’s agent and has been in talks with the French team for several months before the sealing of the deal took place.

Neymar’s transfer from Barcelona to PSG is slated to be the most expensive of all times. With this record-shattering fee, the Barcelona team has no option but to agree to the transfer. Neymar will play as a forward with PSG.

Amongst his various sponsorship deals, he holds a 1-year contract with Nike – an American-based sportswear franchise. Also, he has been signed on by Unilever – an intercontinental consumer goods manufacturer.

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Neymar’s basic salary with PSG is estimated to be around €30 million on a yearly basis. This amount is 3 times more than his previous earnings with Nou Camp.

If sources are to be believed, Neymar and his dad also stand to gain from other commercial enterprises of PSG-owned Oryx Qatar Sports Investment ventures.

The reason for Neymar quitting the Barcelona team is known to be his growing frustration to play second fiddle to Messi.

The rumor mills started working overtime after Neymar posted a picture on his Instagram account along with a brooding emoji. The post was liked by several PSG players and drove the public into a frenzy. Within 12 hours of the photo being published on social media, it managed to garner 1.5 million ‘likes’.

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The rumors gained momentum after Neymar’s international team member Dani Alves was taken by PSG. Reportedly, they were going after Neymar because they wanted to take advantage of the fact that Neymar wanted to step out of Messi’s shadow. The French team has agreed to keep Neymar in the forefront during the building of their team. According to Unai Emery, the PSG coach, the French team needs Neymar if they have to take on the European football heavyweights for winning the Champions League.

The completion of the transfer required the buy-out clause to be fulfilled and now PSG was agreed to the terms and conditions.

Earlier, the rumor was brushed off by the manager of the Barcelona team. He stated that Neymar is not going anywhere and will be staying with them. Neymar’s football skills and his contributions were also hailed by him.

Several of Neymar’s Barcelona team member and associated seemed to have spoken to the Neymar to try and convince him to change his mind.

In the end, Neymar is known to have informed his Barcelona team mates about his impending move. Also, the Barcelona team confirmed the news about Neymar leaving them to joining PSG after the amount as per the buy out clause wa

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