Normal or Military Flashlights – Which One Should You Choose?

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Oh my God! Your old flashlight needs to be replaced and you are left with the daunting task of purchasing a new one. Of course, there are various factors to consider and you may be wondering where to start from. You are also burdened with the thought that you must make the right choice. At the end of the day, you surely want your money’s worth, don’t you?


You may also get confused as there are so many varieties of flashlights available and new models are being introduced every day, thereby, making your task even more difficult. Whatever be the case, there are various features that you must study for being satisfied with your purchases.

Another aspect that you have to grapple with is whether to opt for a normal or military tactical flashlight. In such cases, you must know that the former varieties are ideal for use only in households while the latter ones are suited for all types of surroundings.

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If you find yourself wondering which flashlight should be your preference, it may help to consider few aspects before embarking upon your shopping spree for a new torch. We suggest you study the following pointers and see whether they can help in making a wise investment.

  • Light Source

You can avail 2 sources of lights; these include bulbs and LEDs. Before LEDs entered the market, bulbs were predominantly being fitted in all flashlights. Majority of the population prefer LEDs to bulbs because they are cost-effective, consume lesser energy and shine brighter. If you are convinced about the benefits of LEDs, then you must surely opt for them.


Tactical LED Flashlight

  • Power Source

The power source is an important consideration when buying flashlights because you sure do not want your device running out of battery often. Where military tactical flashlights are concerned, you can avail 3 options including rechargeable batteries, normal batteries, and rechargeable using an adaptor.

  • Size

You must also take into account the size of the flashlight before making your purchase. The large-sized varieties run for a longer duration than the small-sized ones that do not last for long. However, the smaller flashlights are more convenient to carry and are preferred by many because of its portability features.

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Military tactical flashlights are available in normal sizes and have long battery life. Additionally, they can easily be fitted in your backpack when heading to camps, hikes or trails.

  • Cost

If you have budgetary constraints, fret not, military tactical flashlights are reasonably priced and purchasing them will not burn a hole in your pocket. By all means, they are extremely cost-effective on the basis of their high functionality aspects.

  • Material

The plastic-based flashlights should be your choice as they can withstand rough atmospheric conditions like heat, dust, sunlight, and rain.

  • Purpose

As mentioned earlier, if you require flashlights at home, then go for the normal flashlights. On the other hand, if you intend going for camping or hitchhiking expeditions, do not look further than the military tactical flashlights – they are suitable for using anywhere.

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